While fancy fitness classes seem to be all the rage at the moment, they require both commitment and cash. If your busy schedule doesn’t allow for 45 intense minutes of fitness or you’d rather splurge on a delicious dinner or a weekend getaway than spend money on gym membership, we’ve tried eight free to download fitness apps currently available on the market.


With a youtube channel that has garnered over four million subscribers, Cassey Ho needs no introduction. Her full-length POP Pilates, PIIT28 and fun Bootcamp Sculpting workout videos have transformed peoples bodies internationally giving her fitness celebrity status. Blogilates is a free convenient way to access her videos and her nutritious recipes. Though for US$0.99, you also get the Beginners Workout Calendar for a brilliant 4-week workout plan designed by Cassey to get you started.

Free on IOS and Android.

Couch To 5K

Couch To 5K is the ideal app for non-runners who want to get on that running train. A great running companion that motivates you and allows you to track your progress from literally the couch (zero exercise) to running your first 5K. Sadly, it has a training plan for only 4 workouts before asking you to go premium. Still, try it out for free and see if its worth the investment.

Free on IOS and Android.

7 Minute Workout

Ready for the most intense 7 minutes of your day? The 7 Minute Workout app is tailor-made for the very lazy and the very busy. ‘ I don’t have enough time to exercise’ is never gonna work as an excuse with 12 simple exercises available on this Holy Grail of an app, that only takes 7 minutes. The only downside is the free trial only last 7 days and then it will cost S$8.33 per month for a yearly plan and S$13.98 per month for a monthly plan.

Free on IOS and Android.


Kineticoach is a great app because it takes into account how you’re feeling for the day (energy level and mood). Plus there are demo videos for the exercises so it’s easy to follow or rewatch for clarification. While some exercises require you to have some gym equipment like a rower or dumbbells, many require readily available things like stairs, jump rope or a bench, and some require no equipment at all.

Free on IOS.

Runtastic Results

Using bodyweight only, Runtastic Results will get you your results with its no equipment required strength-training workouts. Get started by listing down  your goals, and the app will generate a personalized 12-week workout program. Demonstration videos on how to safely perform each exercise are provided as well as a nutrition plan if you’re looking for an all-round lifestyle change. While you get your first week free, the subsequent 11 weeks cost $3.50 per week for a monthly plan or $2.29 a week for a six-monthly plan.

Free on IOS and Android.


The app that lets you pick from yoga, cardio, strength training, stretching or a mixture of exercises, Sworkit also lets you decide the level of intensity of the workout. Fun fact: in a recent study, exercise scientists from the University of Florida found this app was the closest aligned to the American College of Sports Medicine’s training guidelines!

Free on IOS and Android.

Daily Ab Workout

One of the easiest apps to use, choose between 5,8 or 10min workouts with instructional videos along with written instructions to guide you through each set of 10 reps. “Nobody likes a soggy bottom” or in this case, a saggy one, so also check out Daily Butt Workout and tone those glutes.

Free on IOS and Android.

Bonus: Charity Miles

Charity Miles might not be a fitness app per se; it lets you track your workout sessions and as motivation for you to workout, you earn money (US$0.25 per mile if running or walking & US$0.10 if cycling) for charity. With over 40 to choose from like Habitat For Humanity and Soles 4 Souls, you’ll definitely find one you find meaningful. App users can also look forward to inspiring podcasts, content, and member deals from the sponsors!

Free on IOS and Android.

Top Image: Blogilates