When fellow City Nomads writer Hehzee mentioned to me that she had joyously stumbled across a gourmet pie shop in the Arab Quarter, I knew it would only be a matter of time before we’d be there sampling the goods. Yes, and because we Nomads don’t hang around when we think we’re onto a good thing – we were there precisely two days later.

The Gourmet Pie Company claims to have “the best pies in town”. I’m usually dubious of such claims but I think, by gosh, they might jolly well be entitled to that claim! These guys are passionate about bringing the taste of a “truly great pie” to Singapore. And they’re not lying. Think handmade, delicious, deep-dish pies filled with fresh and tasty ingredients.

Apart from the sheer tastiness of these pies, what is absolutely brilliant here, is the range – trust me, the only problem you will have is deciding what filling to go for!

Are you ready for the list? OK here it comes…(deep breath): Beef Bourguignon, Steak & Onion/ Cheese/Mushroom, Chicken & Leek/Mushroom, Thai Chicken Curry, Lamb Rendang, Lamb & Rosemary, Braised Pork, Vegetable Curry, Chilli Crab and Egg & Bacon. Pie-tastic!

Thankfully if you can’t make up your mind, rather than going for one regular sized pie, you can go for a variety of small ones or as I dubbed it – pie tapas.

Every single pie we tried was absolutely delicious in it’s own way – encased in perfect butter, flaky, pie crust, filled generously with chosen filling (no thinking….hmmm there’s not much filling in there at this joint).

It was so hard to choose but after much deliberation we went for:

~ Beef Bourguignon, a great French classic wrapped up in a pie, beautifully rich and deeply flavoured

~ Thai Chicken Curry, which was wonderfully fragrant and brimming with taste

~ Vegetable Curry – a lovely mildly spicy, slightly sweet and tangy curry, a go-to for veggies and non-veggies alike

~ Lamb Rendang – this probably needs little explanation – obviously we love Rendang and then Rendang in a pie….genius!

Each were incredibly more-ish and had a double thumbs up from us. And quite honestly, though there is a good selection of condiments available to accompany your pie adventure…the pies are so good that frankly you might not even need them.

Pies range from $4.50 for snack size to $8 for a hearty one. Of course no pie would be a true pie without the usual accompaniments of mashed potato, mushy peas (will you look at how much mushy peas you get!) and gravy, which are available on top for between $1.50 – $3.50 extra.

If you know exactly what you want and want to stick to that, it’s definitely worth opting for the sets which range from $9.50 for a snack pie, two sides and a drink, up to $11.50 for the same with a hearty pie.

If you’re looking for a little slice of pie heaven, then get stuck in at The Gourmet Pie Company…and see whether you agree if they are indeed the best pies in town!