Ready for a bigger and better shopping and feasting experience? The much-anticipated ARTBOX Singapore 2018 is back looking to top last year’s massive turnout with some welcome improvements.

For those unfamiliar with ARTBOX, it’s a wildly popular creative pop-up market that originates from Bangkok, and the local edition succeeds in replicating the vibrancy of Bangkok night markets, at the same time providing a platform to showcase both Singaporean and Thai creatives and homegrown retail-entrepreneurs!

What’s New

Taking the feedback from last years epic turnout (600,000 peeps) to heart, ARTBOX Singapore 2018 promises to have three times the amount of space with double the number of containers making it a grand total of 20. That means more walking space between booths (phew) and a whopping 400 vendors to check out! Plus with only one main entrance, crowd control and bag checks will be more effectively carried out. The booths are organised with retail and lifestyle down the middle and food and beverage stalls on both sides making it a lot less chaotic and easier to manoeuvre around. But do get the Plus app, ARTBOX Singapore’s official app for the event as it will supply you with a map along with a booth directory and special discounts and deals for a range of stalls.

Just as pretty as last year, or dare I say prettier, this year’s theme of ‘Oasis’ has ARTBOX decked out in vibrant colour, adding to the overall summer vibe. Look out for the original artwork on the containers by local artist @Feedbeng that would make for an awesome photo along with beautifully decorated dining areas and barrels, LED lights and vintage cars. ARTBOX 2018 also promises twice the length of fairy lights for a stunning background glow to the photos you know you’ll be taking for the ‘gram.


With 160 food and beverage booths, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. For those who love to be bombarded with choices, you have come to the right place but those who struggle with decisions, we’ve narrowed down the must-tries in this list.

Stall #13: Broti

Revel in the feels of Bangkok with this freshly brewed Thai staple. Get a cup of Thai Ice Tea ($4) from Broti and let this cold sweet beverage quench your thirst as you peruse the many booths at ARTBOX. With a whole litre of liquid, it’s gonna keep you hydrated for some time. Try the Charcoal Matcha ($4) for a less sweet alternative.

Stall #353: The Juicy Way Stall 

These beautifully layered fresh fruit juices from The Juicy Way are a healthier alternative to the standard Thai Ice Tea. Made with 100% natural fruit juice with the addition of chia seeds and flax seed powder, they are your go-to guilt-free beverage at ARTBOX. Try the Interstellar ($5) – Red Thai Milk Tea and Mango or the Spiral ($5) – Green Thai Milk Tea and Banana for an interesting spin on the Thai favourite. Try Aries ($5.50) – Cold Brew Earl Grey Tea with Orange, Lemon and Apple for a non-milky alternative.

Stall #329-330: Lola’s Cafe X Tang Kay Kee 

Feeling peckish? Lola’s Cafe has got you covered with Dumpling Darlings. Choose between six delicious pan fried Pork Collar Dumplings ($9) or Smoked Bacon Potato Dumplings ($9) and wash it down with Young Master‘s Another One All Day Session Ale (one for $10 and two for $18). A great dumpling-beer combo is yours for $16. Get TKK’s Cai Po Fried Rice ($6) if you’re looking for something more substantial or just snack out to Prawn Paste Chicken Bites ($8) and Sweet and Sour Pork Skewers ($6).










Stall No #10: Saiko

Bringing Japanese street food to ARTBOX, Saiko serves some awesome takoyaki. With a serving size of six balls chock full of octopus and other delectable filling choices like teriyaki chicken and braised mushroom, try the Miso Butter ($8) for something a little different or stick to the classic Bonito Flakes ($8) with torched Japanese mayo.  Served fresh, these balls are perfect for a quick bite!

Stall No #331: Easy Eggs

Who isn’t a fan of eggs? Easy eggs offer a choice of Mentaiko Quail Eggs ($6.90) for those who love the torched fish roe sauce with their eggs and Wanton Quail Eggs ($6.90) with a crisp deep-fried wonton skin enveloping the quail egg, you are sure to enjoy this filling snack. Again, sharing is caring with a serving size of eight eggs!

Stall No #355: Wicked Cream Co

Beat the heat with Wicked Cream Co. Come enjoy a refreshing cold treat with Soft Ice Cream ($5 Reg/$6 Large) flavours like Himalayan Pink Salt or Mango Coconut. For something extra decadent opt for the Roasted Ice Cream S’mores ($10) – artisanal gelato encased in a crunchy chocolate shell and soft marshmallow. Sounds divine, doesn’t it?

Stall No #296: The Kettle Gourmet

Teh Tarik Popcorn? Hell yes! The Kettle Gourmet specialises in interesting flavours like Teh Tarik ($10), Chicken Rice ($12) and even Bak Kwa Popcorn ($15). For those less adventurous, try the superb Salted Caramel ($10). Talk about variety! Sold in resealable bags, take them home if you can’t finish it in one sitting or stock up for at home snacking.










Stall No #65: Cereal Citizen

Cute perfectly surmises these adorable treats available at Cereal Citizen. Get a Crododo ($8) – a croissant-doughnut brilliantly decorated with different cereals. For a deliciously filling treat, try the Milkshakes ($10) available in flavours like Chocolate Banana and Oreo! Can’t decide? Get both for a special combo price of $15!

Stall #376: Be Frank

To Be Frank, these hot dogs are the bomb. Cheese lovers, this is where it’s at. Hotdog options like Bacon and Cheese ($8) and Cheesy Mushroom ($8) both served with delectable freshly melted raclette cheese will have you salivating. Make it extra sinful with Streaky Bacon ($1 per piece).


Totalling an incredible 240 booths, check out some of these interesting goods up for sale at ARTBOX 2018.

Stall No #153-154: Desi Hangover

Find Desi Hangover under the Live Socially Conscious retail section. These meticulously hand-woven shoes are made from premium leather and offer unmatched comfort and style. Retailing from $80 to $100 depending on the design, go check out these shoes that carry a legacy of a centuries-old art form.

Stall No #150: The Clay Day

These delicate jewellery pieces by The Clay Day are designed in Singapore. The ceramic beads used are entirely handmade by a group of socially underprivileged Cambodians who are paid fair wages for these beads. The jewellery ranges from $10 for rings to $25 for necklaces.

Stall No #155: Center Pottery

Looking for a new vase or a terracotta planter with a small plant for your desk? Look no further than Center Pottery with their range of ceramics that are affordably priced from $5 to $50. Proceeds help fund special clay classes for the elderly and patients suffering from mental health and terminal illnesses.

Stall No #230: Chamniii 

These Bangkok masters of tropical prints and colourful clothing do not disappoint with their collection of shirts and pants available. Shop Chamniii without having to worry about shipping from Bangkok with prices from $28 for a shirt and $30 for pants. Save $4 when you buy 2 shirts for $52 or a shirt and pants combo at $54. Plus check out ShopJJ a local e-commerce business bringing you the best of Bangkok’s creative market brands. Stand a chance to win special prizes at their spinning wheel.

Stall #257: Butterfly Collection

Looking for a special gift or a treat for yourself? Butterfly Collections‘ wide range of natural and distinctive Thai fragrances are a perfect choice. The perfumes ($99 for 50ml or $169 for 100ml) use very little alcohol and substitute it with coconut oil which allows for a more natural product and a longer lasting scent. Also available as a Room Spray ($49 for 150ml) find distinctively Thai scents like Agar Wood, Mango Sticky Rice and Songkran.

Other Exciting Highlights

ARTBOX is not just a market, it’s so much more! Come check out the carnival-style games like Milk Churn ($5 for three tries) and rides like Bumper Cars ($10 per car sits two). Vintage arcade games are also available so have some good ol’ fun with family or friends.

Foam Pool

Escape the heat and hop into ARTBOX’s unique foam pit decked out with pool floats. Housed in containers, entrance into this good vibe only foam pit is priced at $5 or free with a minimum spend of $20 via a cashless payment method.

MTV Fear Factor

Conquer your fear of heights with MTV’s free but terrifying VR Flag Challenge. Other fear-inspiring challenges await at the MTV booth. Adventurers, thrill seekers and curious ones come on by MTVFearFactor!

Live Music

Enjoy the many tasty treats along with some soothing live music. Curated by Tier12, expect classic vintage pop artist Miss Lou, alternative rock band trio Finding Jane, singer-songwriter duo Ciao Turtle, and heartfelt soloist Lincoln Lim amongst several others to supply sweet tunes in the evenings.

ARTBOX Singapore 2018 is happening from 25 to 27 May and 1 to 3 June 2018, 3pm – 11pm daily, at Bayfront Event Space, 12A Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018970.