West Bali National Park is a wonderful haven that protects various endangered species. A great visit for nature-lovers! The park covers ten percent of the total surface area in Bali and although only ten percent of the park is accessible to visitors, rest assured it is more than enough! West Bali National Park became an official national park in 1941 and has great diversity with 175 different species of plants, 14 of which are endangered. You may also see leopards, deer, wild buffalo, monkeys and turtles. In addition, there is a great variety of bird species. The park is accessible by food and is home to mangroves, swamps and reefs. It is recommended to explore the park with an experienced guide. There are various routes in the park to be taken but two of the most popular are ‘Gunung Klatakan Trail’, which is a five-hour hike and the path on the island of Menjangan, the home of sixteen monks. There are also great diving locations at this park that have beautiful coral gardens that are home to octopi, seahorses, and lots of colorful fish!
Note that the best time to visit the park is at the start of the rainy season which is from August until the end of December.