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City Nomads Radio #12: Zig Zach

City Nomads Radio: Zig Zach

Once a professional Muay Thai fighter now turned DJ and Promoter - Zig Zach is known for his versatility in more ways then one. As the resident DJ for kyo, he h... Read More...
City Nomads Radio #11: Brendon P

City Nomads Radio: Brendon P

With an illustrious career spanning three and the half decades (and still going), Brendon P started out in 1980 on the local mobile circuit, before moving on to... Read More...
City Nomads Radio #10: Haan

City Nomads Radio: Haan

Spurred by an interest in vinyl records, Haan's DJ-ing career began in 2008. In the last 8 years, Haan has made his way around Singapore's club circuit with his... Read More...