City Nomads Radio

City Nomads Radio was created with the intention to support the DJs community in Asia, giving them a platform to share their sound and thoughts to the digital world.
City Nomads Radio: Anand

City Nomads Radio: Anand

Anand’s journey through sounds started almost two decades ago. Back then, it was the thought of telling a story through arrangement of music that intrigued and ... Read More...
City Nomads Radio #13: DJ KFC

City Nomads Radio: DJ KFC

DJ KFC, known to many as Keith, is known for throwing different genres into his mixes but always keeping the vibe and energy on the floor. His eclectic flavor h... Read More...
City Nomads Radio #12: Zig Zach

City Nomads Radio: Zig Zach

Once a professional Muay Thai fighter now turned DJ and Promoter - Zig Zach is known for his versatility in more ways then one. As the resident DJ for kyo, he h... Read More...
City Nomads Radio #11: Brendon P

City Nomads Radio: Brendon P

With an illustrious career spanning three and the half decades (and still going), Brendon P started out in 1980 on the local mobile circuit, before moving on to... Read More...
City Nomads Radio #10: Haan

City Nomads Radio: Haan

Spurred by an interest in vinyl records, Haan's DJ-ing career began in 2008. In the last 8 years, Haan has made his way around Singapore's club circuit with his... Read More...