City Nomads Radio

City Nomads Radio was created with the intention to support the DJs community in Asia, giving them a platform to share their sound and thoughts to the digital world.
dj hawt hand from singapore

City Nomads Radio: Hawt Hand

Artist by day, DJ by night. Hawt Hand (also known as Dennis) a Singaporean DJ who has just started his weekly gigs at Singapore's house and techno club, Headqua... Read More...
dj wisdy

City Nomads Radio: Wisdy

If you've been to Bali and are a fan of house and techno music, you probably set foot into Jenja and have danced to Wisdy's music. His musical style, ranging fr... Read More...
ulysses at camp kilo

City Nomads Radio: Ulysses

Co-founder of the quartet, MUGIC and currently the Music Consultant for Potato Head Singapore, Ulysses is never one to play it safe. He draws from a wide repert... Read More...