More than six months ago, Winona Tan started an ethical skincare brand. Called W.ANT, the label focuses on handmade products using organic and fair trade ingredients sourced from local communities and women cooperatives in Bali, Indonesia, and Benin (in Africa). In uncovering more about the brand, girl boss Winona also shares her other interests and must haves at W.ANT.

Describe your surroundings to us.

A somewhat messy home office as I just moved back to Singapore. Contributing to the clutter is a never ending shipment of boxes containing bottles and ingredients. And somewhere around this 1,000 square feet space, there is a furry one waiting to go for a walk.

Tell us more about the ethical skincare brand, W.ANT, you started.

Handmade with organic and fair trade ingredients sourced from local communities and women cooperatives in Bali and Benin, Africa, the products have short ingredient lists and are free from synthetic ingredients. Water has been eschewed as an ingredient in the formulation for the 100% natural goodness. Best part of all, ingredients are eco-friendly and production is cruelty free.

w.ant skincare

Photo: Miriam

What made you started this?

It’s going to sound cheesy but W.ANT happened because of love. I moved to Hong Kong a year and the half ago, when my boyfriend lived there. I was looking for a job and had an epiphany one night –  that it’s a now or never moment to start something of my own. The idea came very organically, being a skincare junkie and all.

Was it a difficult process making all these products?

Yes and no. Every product is formulated by me through research with regards to what is nurturing for the skin and how well these ingredients work together.

facial spritzer w.ant skincare

The Facial Spritzer by W.ANT. Photo: Miriam

What are some of must-have/buy at W.ANT?

The Facial Spritzer, because everyone needs a pick me up at some point of the day, especially on this little red dot. Another must have is the Face Oil. Use it overnight and I promise, you’ll wake up with soft, supple skin.

Other than being the girl boss, what are your other interests?

Travelling, no doubt. Does eating count? I really enjoy cooking (but absolutely hates doing the dishes) and have recently started my own herb garden. Besides that, I am into designs and awkward dancing to good music.

w.ant skincare

What’s next in store for W.ANT?

WANT is only 7 months old now. Ultimately, I want to grow the brand, hire as many underprivileged women, and build a community within the company. Also, the new products are coming up end of the month, stay tuned!

Any shouts?

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