The weekend was coming and I didn’t fancy much of what was happening or any of the usual. I yearned to do something different. But what? Then I remembered a while back I had heard about somewhere where you could get your art on, have a glass of wine, and paint to music i.e. art jam.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am no closet artist by any means and so what appealed to me about My Art Space and the set up here is that you could be as good as these guys…

or as novice as me…

and be welcomed regardless with open arms, and with absolutely no judgement.

And for a someone like me who hasn’t held a paintbrush since I was probably 13 this is great offering because they provide all materials for you: an unlimited supply of paints, brushes, a canvas and even a box full of cards for inspiration – the perfect solution if you haven’t got the foggiest about what on earth to paint!

It’s a wonderfully relaxed, open-to-all, atmosphere, which I think is in part a result of the setting – in Istana Park overlooking the water. In fact, it’s a lot more chilled than the version of an art jam I had in my head.

One thing I had not banked on being someone who hadn’t entertained a paintbrush for over half my life is not only how into it you get, but also just how liberating and therapeutic it is. There are no rules here, you’re free to listen to what you want, paint what you want, mix the paints how you want and lose yourself in creativity that perhaps you forgot was there. In a world full of do’s and dont’s that’s something not to be sniffed at!

Two hours and one canvas down I felt inspired and revitalized because yes folks, this is why art therapy exists.  Whatever stresses I might have had on my shoulders that day had well and truly disappeared with every brush stroke. Something we probably all need a bit of in today’s hectic daily grind.

When we went along there were only four of us in the studio which suited us fine but My Art Space is also open for group bookings if you’re looking for a cool way to reconnect with your buddies.

Once you’ve finished your session, the nice folks at My Art Space will box up your canvas (if you’d like to take it away with you or equally you can leave it there), and then you can pop over to the Art Palates Cafe, a rather hidden gem of a spot overlooking the water and reflect on your experience over a relaxing drink.

Sessions cost $80 per person but for the month of April they are available at a special price of $59 per person and include one 20×24 canvas, unlimited acrylic paints and tools rental, one drink (juice or wine) and one wet painting carrier. Advance booking of no less than one day in advance is required and is subject to space availability. SMS 9295 4522 to reserve a spot. For more information see the Art Space website here.

Written by Ms Demeanour