Sometimes, the only thing you want when you get home is an ice cold beer – and the last thing you want to do is having to make a run to the convenience store or super market after enduring the horrors of peak hour traffic. To prevent this state of emergency from happening, here are six online beer delivery services that make things a little easier, so get clicking!

Brews Brothers

Beer delivery in Singapore - Brews Brothers

A relatively new kid on the block, Brews Brothers are fast tracking their way to becoming Singapore’s granddaddy provider of all craft beers. The different kinds of beers they have on their list are out of this world, and with a hashtag like #StopDrinkingSwill, you know these guys are serious when it comes to the quality of their brews. Deliveries are made by emailing and will arrive within 3-4 working days of the finalised offer. Also, you get personalised tips on what beers to get if you contact them through the same email!

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Mabuk Monkey

If you desperately need a quick-fix, Mabuk Monkey could just be the answer for you. They have a decent enough selection of commercial and craft beers, which is perfect for those who prefer the familiar and enough to keep booze fiends interested. Undeniably, one-hour delivery promise makes it possible to stay home with the telly switched on while you wait for your beer to magically appear. We have to say that offering cooler boxes and ice on the menu (with a significant amount of beer ordered) is a nice touch – perfect for those BBQ gatherings, we reckon.

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Alcohol Delivery

With a sole emphasis on commercial beers, it really isn’t difficult to make your mind up when ordering your choice of poison from these guys. A simple selection of household names like Asahi, Tiger, Hoegaarden, and Carlsberg for example proves our point. The real attractions, however, is their one-hour delivery and daily deliveries until 2am! That’s taking convenience to a whole new level. They also have an array of commercial spirits like Chivas Regal, 42 Below, and Hendrick’s Gin.

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Thirsty – The Beer Shop

Beer delivery in Singapore -  Thirsty - The Beer Shop

Not only does Thirsty provides a wide range of craft beer options, they educate as well. Documentaries, answers to commonly asked questions, and beer pairing tips on their website show that the guys at Thirsty care, and that certainly makes them all the more endearing in our books. It’s virtually impossible not to feel spoilt for choice when browsing through their mind-boggling list. Just note that they don’t deliver after 3pm on Saturdays and not at all on Sundays.

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Just when we thought we had enough reason to celebrate, yet another craft beer delivery service has popped up on our sunny shores. CRAFTBEER.SG is the latest in line of specialty beer services in Singapore and we can’t help but feel pampered. Their mixed case beer option puts together various beer brands to form a single pack. Perfect for those who love variety. Add to the mix an immense list of international beers and you’ve got yourself a winner! If you’ve got an upcoming party, make sure you order in advance as orders are delivered within 2 working days.

To visit CRAFTBEER.SG, please click here.

The Drinking Partners

One of the pioneers of the Singapore craft beer scene, The Drinking Partners have an impressive collection of wacky beers – think lagers, pilsners, IPAs, stouts, ales, ginger beers, and even gluten-free beers – from around the globe. Pardon the pun but they’re what you can consider the perfect partners in crime for beer. Plus, we know we’re in good hands since these guys also own specialty beer establishments like Druggists and Stall 46 at Pasar Bella.

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