What do Thor, Loki, and you have in common? The answer: a feast of food and wine that no mere mortals have access to. At least, that’s the running theme at Valhalla and The Chambers of Asgard, the latest production by the immersive theatrical dining company ANDSOFORTH. Yes, those guys who previously brought us Disco David and the fantastical Grimmsneyland.

After toying with twisted fairytales and trippy psychedelic adventures, they’re going the Norse mythology route with this spiralling tale into the city of gods from now to 28 December 2019. The premise is simple enough — traverse through multiple rooms and meet Odin, Thor, Loki, and the Valkyries, all while unearthing your new-found powers and the possible truth of the impending doom that is Ragnarok.

Like all other ANDSOFORTH’s productions, our arrival is prearranged at a secret location according to our tickets, and we have to say it really sets up the mood. The dress code is “Vikings, Valkyries, and Village folk”. We start at the rainbow-hued Bifrost Bar, where we’re welcomed with a tasty Highland Park whisky cocktail. You’ll take on the role of a viking or a shield maiden before travelling through seven different rooms all while participating in a series of trials, think a merry viking folk song singalong or grinding up ancient herbs and spices to create a lethal potion (possibly containing alcohol) — intended for who, we can’t say. If you play ball and complete the trials, you might just ascend into Valhalla, the heaven-equivalent of Norse legends.


We won’t go into detail so as to not spoil things for you, but the Allfather provides as always, nourishment for your soul. All tickets come with a five-course Scandinavian-inspired dinner with dishes like goat stew with Nordic “volcano bread”. Because the fall of Asgard isn’t as important as filling our stomachs, right?

Just know you’ll want to get your tickets to Valhalla fast as tickets are fast selling out. Rally your viking friends today, and may the gods favour you all.

Valhalla and The Chambers of Asgard is running from now to 28 December 2019. Tickets are priced from S$108 to S$128 per person, inclusive of a five-course meal and an alcoholic welcome drink, available here.