In case you didn’t know already, The Spiffy Dapper has relocated to 73 Amoy Street, Singapore 069892. Check it out

Passing through the giant lit-up crabs and menu-wielding fiends of the night along what we all know as Boat Quay, we eventually made our way to 61 Boat Quay, the newly opened Spiffy Dapper… it’s location revealed only by a small sign at the entrance to the stairwell…

A Spiffy Dapper indeed

There’s no doubt in my mind that Boat Quay is slowly going through somewhat of a turn-around with cool, trendy spots popping up here and there. Could this new Spiffy Dapper be one them?

Upon entering on the 2nd floor, you are immediately confronted by a startling (although very cool) painting of a post-coital lady wearing a bow-tie, top-hat and not much else. Yes, this must be the place…

Dim lighting, cool jazz and a bar counter at the end by the shophouse’s windows is what you’ll find. This place has character and is a welcome escape from the harpies roaming the walkway outside. This is a sanctuary on Boat Quay.

Settling into our seats I began to peruse the shelves of spirits, liqueurs and other cocktail-making ingredients lining the bar. Bottles cover the shelf almost haphazardly and there seems to be almost no method to where the bottles should go. Reminding me of my own liquor-shelf at home I liked it already.

As for the drinks, I had spied a couple of tasty-looking concoctions on their Facebook page and was eager to get down to it…

Beginning with a ‘Joe Giggle Water’ ($20)- Espresso martini made with coffee from Smitten, Cuban rum and a splash of vodka. A refreshing, well balanced cocktail, this is something to pick up at the beginning of the night and keep you going all night.

Joe Giggle Water

Next up was Drugstore Cowboy ($18) – an interesting take on a Singapore Sling…only much, much tastier. Fresh fruit flavours, slight sour notes and a good measure of booze.

It was however the Sheik on the Level ($20) that was my favourite of the night and not just because of the very cool silver cup that it is served in. Made with gin, black Turkish tea, lemon juice and some fresh, pounded cardamon… Oh, and served with a juicy chunk of Turkish delight. Yum!

Sheik on the Level

Drinks here are not expensive as you can see. The most is only $20 nett, and even their Hard-Boiled Torpedo (a take on an Old Fashioned with Rye, Bourbon and a dash of Cognac) is only $16 nett. And quite delectable at that.

So what is The Spiffy Dapper all about? Well, to quote their recent facebook post:

“Some bars have million dollar interiors while others have been hacked into place with a couple of grand. Some have amazing bartenders with impeccable etiquette while some have bartenders who cuss in every sentence. Some bars have been around forever while some of them will not last a third month. Some bars give VIP service while some do not give a flying fuck. And never will even a single fuck be given at The Spiffy Dapper. Come in for a half decent drink. Leave your ego at the stairwell. And yes, chill the fuck out.”

To us, The Spiffy Dapper is a true speakeasy, 1920s style. No sheeshee marketing gimmick or fluff, just a place to get solid drinks, and escape from the materialism that dominates the CBD.

Written by The City Nomad.

Images by The Spiffy Dapper