Airports are funny things, don’t you think? They were originally intended to be a gateway to the world, but somewhere along the line, many of them also became destinations in themselves. And behind every good airport lies, of course, good airport lounges.

The SATS Premier Lounge at Singapore Changi International wins Priority Pass Asia Pacific airport lounge of the year award

It’s easy to shrug off airport lounges as too intimidating or just not worth it, but we think they are one of the aviation industry’s best-kept secrets. After all, how many times have you craved for a hot shower in the midst of a 15-hour transit flight, or for a bed to sleep in when your flight got delayed? Getting access to these havens of comfort and luxury doesn’t have to be a rare luxury – not when you have a Priority Pass membership.

Priority Pass has been in the market for over 25 years, and is currently the largest airport lounge network in the world. With a network of over 1000 airport lounges in over 130 countries, we really have to give it to them.

How the Priority Pass programme works

Strata Lounge at Auckland International airport is highly commended in the Lounge of the Year Award 2017 Asia Pacific.

Getting lounge access doesn’t mean you have to make a life-long commitment to a single airline – regardless of the airline you fly with or the ticket you hold, Priority Pass lets you enjoy a VIP experience whether you’re flying economy class with Scoot or first class with Singapore Airlines.

At the moment, there are three membership plans for consumers. Standard membership starts at US$99 per year, but costs you a US$27 fee each time you visit any lounge in Priority Pass’ lounge network. A Standard Plus membership comes at US$249, but includes 10 complimentary lounge visits every year – any usage above that is charged at US$27. Then, a Prestige membership comes in at a yearly rate of US$399, providing you unlimited access to the entire network. You can bring in any number of guests, though there’s a chargeable US$27 per person, regardless of which plan you choose.

Once you’ve signed up, getting access to lounges is as easy as flashing your digital membership card in the brand new Priority Pass app. Plus, they have a dedicated multilingual customer service that operates 24 hours a day every day.

What to expect with airport lounge access

Whether you’re a frequent business traveller or just the occasional holiday-goer, airport lounges are a fantastic and comfortable way to enjoy the moment before your next take-off, or even for staying overnight.

Turkish Airlines Lounge Washington at Washington DC Dulles International Airport

It’s safe to say that even the most modest of airport lounges are better than what you get in the typical airport space – no more sitting on the floor on your luggage! Perks include free Wi-Fi for the road warriors, complimentary food and drink that are heads better than the overpriced airport fare, showers, and beds. In the more upscale ones, you might even be served free alcohol and find spa services. Nothing like a luxurious pampering and privacy before flying, are we right?

Priority Pass lounge partners at Singapore Changi Airport

Priority Pass has networks in most of the world’s major transit hubs, including Hong Kong, Seoul, Bangkok, Los Angeles, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, and Helsinki. In fact, in Singapore, members have a choice of more than 10 lounges across Changi Airport’s four terminals.

One of them is the SATS Premier Lounge (Terminal 2) at Changi International Airport – as mentioned above – which recently won the Priority Pass Asia Pacific Airport Lounge of the Year Award. And boy, is it deserving – the lounge is decked out with orchids, Peranakan porcelain, and artworks by local artists depicting Singaporean culture. Its meals are delicious, boasting a bountiful intercontinental buffet spread complete with a DIY laksa noodle bar for guests to try one of Singapore’s foremost national dishes. Lounge goers can also expect to be treated to festive goods like mooncakes or dumplings during select seasonal periods.

There are private rooms with massage chairs that offer complimentary 10-minute massages, plenty of power outlets strategically placed all around, as well as several business booths equipped with a Samsung tablet for surfing the web. And our favourite part? Ample shower facilities for freshening up during a layover.

Ahlan Business Class Lounge at Terminal 1, Dubai International

For more information on other lounges at Changi Airport, please visit Priority Pass Lounges Singapore.

Other global winners include Club Kingston at Kingston Norman Manley International, known for providing the world-renowned Jamaican hospitality and spa treatments; Ahlan Business Class Lounge at Dubai International where you’ll find a beautiful buffet spread, express spa treatments, and massage chairs; and The Club BWI at Baltimore/Washington MD International.

New dining options added to Priority Pass programme at Australian Airports

If you are about to depart for Australia or are a frequent traveller in Australia, this news is for you. Now, there are more than 10 restaurant and bar partners to enhance your airport experience.

Urban Provodore at Terminal 2, Melbourne Airport

Members can use their eligible card to receive an AUD$36 credit off the final bill at each outlet, for themselves and their guests. Each AUD$36 credit will represent a single lounge visit within their existing lounge visit allocation.

For example, if a Priority Pass Member takes one guest to Mach2, they will receive AUD$72 credit off the final bill, which will show on their account as ‘1 Member + 1 Guest visit’. The AUD$36 offer is valid for any type of meal and/or drink and there is no minimum spend.

Corretto Café & Bar at International Terminal, Brisbane International Airport

For more information on other dining options at Australian airports, please visit Priority Pass Lounges Australia.

Keen to start with your first airport lounge experience? Sign up with Priority Pass here before 31 September 2018 and enjoy 15% off your first year – because trust us when we say that once you try lounge life, you won’t bare to give it up.