Sashimi selection

I have to start this review by saying that I love the name of this place – it’s just so playful. This gem of a restaurant/bar is literally hiding down a sidestreet of Amoy Street. Unless you were looking for it, you’d just walk right on by. But, take the time to duck down that little alley and give the Flying Squirrel a visit and you won’t be disappointed.

In a nutshell, The Flying Squirrel combines some of our favourite things:

1) Cocktails

Although I would not rate the cocktails here on the same level as some other fancy ‘mixology’ bars, you will get a good, stiff drink here, and they definitely have some funky, in-house creations like their take on a Bloody Mary ($17).

2) Happy hour beer

However if cocktails aren’t your bag, they have the full range of Asahi, and at $8 a bottle at Happy Hour (or a bucket of 5 for $35), that ain’t too shabby at all.

Spicy Tuna maki
3) Sushi

This is the main reason to come to The Flying Squirrel in my opinion. This is not a traditional sushi experience, but once you accept it for what it is, the contemporary takes are just stunning, and delicious. When it comes to Sashimi and Nigiri Sushi (prices vary per piece, the salmon is $1.30 for example), you order by piece so effectively every plate is a massive customised platter of awesomeness. As for the rolls, you have to give their TFS maki ($20) signature a try. Aside from being visually stunning, it is a superb combination of excellent flavours. The Hana Maki ($15) is their beautiful Aburi Salmon roll. Sushi-lovers this is a place for you.

4) Great atmosphere

This kind of goes without saying, but the whole place just exudes effortless cool. It’s got a simple, intimate and contemporary feel to it. And sure, its hidden factor definitely helps. They also play great music so you may just find yourself singing along!

The Flying Squirrel maintains a chic, understated charm which really adds to its character. Staff are friendly, the food and drinks are great, and best of all it won’t blow a Magnum 44-sized hole in your wallet. Very much recommend, and I shall be back again here soon.

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