Held last night at Capital – located on the second floor of Zouk Singapore – The Bar Awards Singapore 2017 saw a gathering of 250 members of the F&B industry to celebrate the best of their community. Between $10 cocktails by the guest bartenders (which included the winners from The Bar Awards Bangkok 2017) specially flown in for the event and $10 sangers by Burnt Ends, it was a lovely way to spend a rainy Sunday evening.

And as usual, here are the winners – ranked in order of the Top 10:

The Rising Star, presented by Perrier

Bar Awards 2017-6

As the bar scene took off in Singapore and more new blood joined the ranks, it’s not surprising that this category is hotly contested this year. Definitely a well-deserved win by Bar Manager Symphony Loo, the woman behind Neon Pigeon’s delicious beverage programme.

  1. Symphony Loo, Neon Pigeon
  2. Brendon Khoo, Crackerjack
  3. Bai Jia Wei, Employees Only
  4. Jayden Ong, Sugarhall
  5. Reena Rivera Mahendran, Crackerjack
  6. Benedict Poh, Employees Only
  7. Rhyse Borland, Sugarhall
  8. Ashwin Raj, 28 Hong Kong Street
  9. Lee Pan Ying, Nutmeg & Clove
  10. Ronan Keilthy, Crackerjack

Best Restaurant Bar, presented by Restaurant, Pub, Bar Asia

Bar Awards 2017-7

The fact that Tippling Club won the same award two years consecutively is testament to the fantastic bar programme that Bar Manager Joe Schofield has in place at the institution, alongside Chef Ryan Clift’s and Chef Ayo Adeyemi’s menu.

  1.     Tippling Club
    2.     Crackerjack
    3.     Sugarhall
    4.     Neon Pigeon
    5.     Tess Bar & Kitchen
    6.     Bread Street Kitchen
    7.     Burnt Ends
    8.     Vasco
    9.     FOC
    10.  Humpback

Best Beer Experience, presented by Pilsner Urquell

Bar Awards 2017-8
Well curated beer offering, backed by knowledgeable and passionate people, great (hawker) food – check, check, check. Drinking craft beer in a hawker centre is probably as unique a drinking experience as you can get in Singapore.

  1. Smith Street Taps
  2. Druggists
  3. Mikkeller Singapore
  4. Freehouse
  5. Ice Cold Beer
  6. The Good Beer Company
  7. Alchemist Beer Lab
  8. The World is Flat
  9. TAP
  10. Burger Joint

Best Wine Experience, presented by Huber’s Butchery

Bar Awards 2017-9

The Best Wine Experience recognises establishments that put effort into curating an exciting, innovative wine list and works hard to educate through passion. Burnt Ends does that and more!

  1. Burnt Ends
  2. Atlas
  3. Wine RVLT
  4. Les Amis Restaurant
  5. La Terre
  6. Cheek by Jowl
  7. Restaurant Andre
  8. Wine Connection
  9. Praelum Wine Bistro
  10. Wine on Tap

Best Bar Food, presented by Monkey 47

Bar Awards 2017-10

Macaroni cheese balls, bacon and Brussel sprouts – it’s hard to beat 28 Hong Kong Street’s bar food. They won the same award in 2015, which was ceded to Fairmont Singapore’s Anti:dote last year.

  1. 28 Hong Kong Street
  2. Employees Only
  3. Anti:dote
  4. Atlas
  5. Crackerjack
  6. Manhattan
  7. Tess Bar & Kitchen
  8. Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall
  9. Sugarhall
  10. Orihara Shoten

Most Creative Cocktail Bar, presented by Cointreau

Bar Awards 2017-12

Ants, Tongkat Ali, ikura – these are just a few intriguing ingredients that Native, which focuses on the use of regional products – has in its cocktails. And the way it’s executed? Amazing.

  1. Native
  2. Operation Dagger
  3. Tippling Club
  4. Smoke & Mirrors
  5. The Other Room
  6. Gibson
  7.  Crackerjack
  8. Nutmeg & Clove
  9. Manhattan
  10. Atlas

Best Hospitality Team, presented by Johnnie Walker

Bar Awards 2017-13

With a name like Employees Only, it’s not surprising that the Singapore branch of the famed New Yok bar would top this category. Definitely takes excellent teamwork within the family.

  1. Employees Only
  2. Manhattan
  3. Crackerjack
  4. Skinny’s Lounge
  5. 28 Hong Kong Street
  6. Atlas
  7. Native
  8. Neon Pigeon
  9. Jigger & Pony
  10. Sugarhall

Best New Cocktail Bar, presented by Campari

Bar Awards 2017-14

Opening a new bar is difficult, but opening one like the Gotham-like Atlas? One can only imagine, especially since they’ve got an extensively curated spirits collection and great cocktail list to go with the awe-inspiring décor.

  1. Atlas
  2. Native
  3. Employees Only
  4. Crackerjack
  5. The Other Room
  6. Skinny’s Lounge
  7. Highball
  8. Fat Prince
  9. The Wall
  10. The World is Flat

Bartender of the Year, presented by Bacardi

Bar Awards 2017-15

No one was surprised when Native’s Owner-Head Bartender Vijay took this one home. Not yet 30, he started Native this year with a few investors, armed with creativity and skills, especially those learnt under Luke Whearty at Operation Dagger.

  1. Vijay Mudaliar, Native
  2. Joe Schofield, Tippling Club
  3. Anthony Zhong, Shin Gi Tai
  4. Yugnes Susela, Smoke & Mirrors
  5. Peter Chua, Crackerjack
  6. Bannie Kang, Anti:dote
  7. Steve Schneider, Employees Only
  8. Davide Boncimino, The Other Room
  9. Boo Jing Heng, Tess Bar & Kitchen
  10. Zdenek Kastenek, 28 Hong Kong Street

Best Cocktail Bar, presented by Stolichnaya Vodka

Bar Awards 2017-16

Most of the bars on this list have the whole package –  impeccable service, warm hospitality, superbly crafted cocktails, a well-curated beverage program, and delectable food offerings. And Manhattan just happens to continue impressing, night after night.

  1. Manhattan
  2. Atlas
  3. Native
  4. Employees Only
  5. Tippling Club
  6. 28 Hong Kong Street
  7. Operation Dagger
  8. Gibson
  9. Jigger & Pony
  10. Crackerjack