Attention all you Singapore fitties! It just so happens that the coolest new workout program has just crashed upon Joo Chiat Road! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: SURFSET Singapore.

We all know surfers are some of the hottest, leanest, most powerful people around and the SURFSET program is a way for everyone to tone up just like a surfer. SURFSET uses actual surfboards and sits upon an unstable base that was developed to give the feeling of actually being in the water. This challenges your muscles to maintain stability the entire time you are working out, which means you will get results (and sore muscles) that much faster. We all have muscle misalignments in our bodies that go unnoticed on solid ground, but being on a wobbly surfboard will reveal these inconsistencies right away. Balancing the board will force your body to work evenly!

SURFSET Singapore offers three different types of classes: SURFSET BALANCE, SURFSET CORE, and SURFSET SWEAT. BALANCE is the prerequisite for all the others, and introduces you to the feeling of being on an unstable surface, strengthens your core, challenges you with high intensity drills and pop-ups. CORE focuses on developing the core muscles that are so necessary in surfing by incorporating Pilates moves and other strengthening exercises. SWEAT is the high tempo class designed to burn fat and exhaust your muscles. All the classes include surf inspired moves to give you the long, lean shape of a surfer!

I’ve surfed a few times, and I was surprised by how obvious it was that this would be a great workout for any surfers in their off season. As the board emulates the actual feel of being in the water, it’s a great way for those beginner/wannabe surfers to get comfortable moving on the unstable board and since you don’t have the down time of paddling back out after a failure, it gives you the benefit of instantly trying again.

Besides being a great surf-training tool and overall workout, SURFSET is just really fun. You’ll laugh at yourself trying to find your balance and smile as you reach up to run your hand through an imaginary wave. The atmosphere is great too, tucked away in a quiet shop house, with the Beach Boys playing in the background.

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