Like many lovers of Mexican food, Lucha Loco is a firm favourite amongst my dining choices in Singapore. It’s certainly not cheap, but their tacos are quite possibly the best in this fair city. So to say I was excited about Super Loco, their sister outlet, was opening up in Robertson Quay is an understatement – I’m not ashamed to admit that I checked their Facebook page almost daily to find out when they’d finally opened their doors.

Last week I finally found time to head down there, all ready to go loco for tacos.

Taking over the massive space where ‘Stacked’ used to be, Super Loco is clearly making better use it that its previous tenant. It was a Thursday night at 7.30pm and already they were near full (I guess I’m not the only taco-head in Singapore). The space itself is very similar to Lucha Loco in terms of design and decor, with the only real differences being the location and slight menu changes.

With that said, it was taco time…we made sure to order one of everything.

The taco de pescado (grilled snapper – $11),  taco de carne asada (grilled skirt steak – $12), taco de cachete de res (braised beef – $12), taco de frijoles (beans – $9) and the taco de chorizo (chorizo and braised beef – $10).

tacos Super Loco Mexican restaurant Robertson Quay Singapore

Round the table, the clear favourites were the carne asada and pescado tacos. If you’re a fan of the fish taco at Lucha Loco, this will resonate nicely with your tastebuds. With the exception of the frijoles taco, the others were also decent and make for a good variety to share.

What was superb, however, was their ceviches. We highly recommend trying both. The ceviche de mango (mango and wild snapper – $21) was gorgeous – think plump pieces of fish with that tangy sour marinade balanced with sweet mango chunks. The ceviche de pulpo (octopus ceviche with smoked paprika and squid ink – $20) was beautifully tender and had wonderfully balanced flavours.

Ceviche de pulpo Super Loco Mexican restaurant Robertson Quay Singapore

Super Loco fills the niche of good Mexican food in the Robertson Quay enclave sorely lacks. It’s hip, has a good vibe, nice music, and very decent food. If the packed crowd on a Thursday is anything to go on, this is going to be Robertson Quay’s new sweetheart for a very long time.