So, you’re a seasoned traveller who knows all the travel hacks out there. But sometimes, the best way to ensure a smooth journey is to upgrade the thing that’s right next to you. Because really, when’s the last time you took a good look at your luggage?

With the gleaming Brushed Black EVOA Spinner in tow, you can surely expect some jealous eyes.

Perhaps the locks have become faulty, the wheels are coming loose, and the case looks like it’s been left in a room full of angry cats. But finding a new piece of luggage can be frustrating. You’re forced to choose between the durable or the stylish one, and there’s no way you’re getting both. Unless, of course, you’re looking at a Samsonite: one of the most exciting, innovative, and to mention, desirable brands in the industry. And while the acclaimed American manufacturer has a massive array of product lines, there’s one collection that particularly stands out: the EVOA. Here’s why.

It’s sleek & stylish

If you’re a fashion-conscious traveller, you’d share our pain of finding a beautiful luggage that takes you from the streets to that important board meeting. Well, the minimalist EVOA line comes in two elegant colourways: Brushed Black and Brushed Silver. Each one comes with sleek metallic corner protection and modern metal logo.

EVOA Spinner in Brushed Silver

Say goodbye to noisy bumps

EVOA is available in five sizes and specifications, from a cabin-friendly 29-litre Spinner Rolling Tote when you want to carry-on, to a generous 75cm tall Spinner that holds up to 124 litres. Comfortable and easy to handle, this revolutionary suitcase is mounted with an innovative Aero-Trac™ suspension wheel system that reduces rolling vibration and rolling noise to a minimum. Just think, no more annoyed locals staring you down for making a racket while moving down the street!


Aero-Trac™ suspension system

Easy packing and maximum protection for your valuables

Besides being darn good-looking, the EVOA line is also years ahead in functionality and innovation. The main compartment is loaded with internal organisers and a wide opening to make packing a cinch. Certain models even come with a convenient front pocket that allows you to store your laptop and tablet. Plus, an integrated double layer anti-theft zipper with magnetic zippers and a TSA combo lock means your belongings are well protected.

So, gorgeous, easy to use, and super safe? Yes, please – we’ll take that.

Shop the EVOA collection and other Samsonite luggages here, or at your nearest retail store.

This post is sponsored by Samsonite.