Time to get in the kitchen and cook. Check out our awesome recipes from top Chefs and contributors who share their culinary kitchen knowledge with us.

Whether you love to cook, or you simply enjoy impressing friends at a dinner party, there’s no denying that cooking a great meal requires a lot of hard work and effort!

Which is why we engage the help of industry experts in our In The Kitchen recipe series, to explore the different skills of the culinary world, and to get them to pass on their professional knowledge to make cooking a simple activity for all.

We’ve sliced up beef cubes and grilled the leg of an Iberico pig with Chef Bryan of The Black Swan, we’ve shared with you guys Chef Anna’s Anchovies Beccafico recipe from Etna Italian Restaurant, and we’ve marinated jerk chicken with Chef Hasan de Four of Lime House fame. We’ve even started cooking up a storm in our Bali!

As we learn new recipes from more outstanding chefs, we will be doing our best to give all you home cooks detailed coverage of what is required, from the ingredients to the methods of preparation.

And whatever your aspirations may be, we’re firm believers in the notion that you don’t have you be an expert to be a top-notch chef.

Just remember, with loads of practise, there’s no stopping you from discovering your inner Martha Stewart or Jamie Oliver sooner rather than later!