Food & Drink

Here are our reviews and recommendations on where to eat the best food & drink in Singapore – including restaurants, bars, cafes and hawker stalls.

To say that Singaporeans love food is a major understatement. In fact, we adore the act of eating so much that some would actually consider it to be a sport, and it’s safe to say that most of the population has an Olympian appetite that would be scary to most people.

From hawker centres and cafés to bars and restaurants, only the best is enough to satisfy our palate. We don’t settle for anything less. Why should we, when our country is blessed with some of the most colourful and diverse cuisines in the world?

We can thank the flocking of immigrants in the past for that, bringing to us a myriad of exotic flavours and dishes. Most importantly however, seeking out the most delicious food is both a passion and a pastime for us, driven by the innate yearnings of our soul, stripping down the facade of our complexities to the most basic of human desires and needs.

And if there ever needs to be further evidence of how seriously Singaporeans take eating, one only needs to look at the multitude of affordable local stalls, fancy restaurants with celebrity chefs, snazzy bars and food & drink festivals to know that food is treated with fervent religiosity in Singapore. Really, we wouldn’t have it any other way.