From cocktails and craft beers, here’s all you need to know about the best bars in Singapore. Happy hours included.

If there is one industry seriously making waves in Singapore, it’s got to be the rapidly growing bar scene that is taking the city by storm. Previously limited to trashy nightclubs, seedy KTV lounges and the occasional neighbourhood outlet, Singapore’s bar scene is finally beginning to realise its true potential, reaching a maturity that has seen it soar to the forefront of the world’s bartending elite.

For instance, two entries in the 2015 World 50 Best Bars Competition were enough to propel Singapore into par excellence, with 28 Hong Kong Street and Manhattan Bar shining at the number 7 and 35 spots respectively.

Bartenders are also somewhat the new rock stars of Singapore’s food & beverage scene, becoming  symbols in the eyes of a new class of drinkers, having popularised the appreciation of cocktails in ways never seen before.

But Singapore isn’t just about mixing and shaking. Classy wine establishments and hip craft beer bars have swept across the city like wildfire, with places like O’Batignolles and Smith Street Taps great examples of how the bar scene is flourishing. With such a wide range of choices, it comes as no surprise that Singapore is being touted as THE new drinking capital of Asia.