City Nomads’ reviews on the best theatre productions in Singapore including comedy shows, ballet and local drama performances.

Once a ‘non-industry’ with practically zero professional network and infrastructure, Singapore’s theatre scene has come a long way in the past few decades. Nowadays, the job titles actor, director, playwright, stage manger, and even costume manager don’t elicit a negative response, and in fact, garners much admiration (from us, at least).

Today, there are a large number of local theatre companies, independent or otherwise, producing a wide array of shows—from avant garde plays and experimental dance performances to Broadway musical hits and traditional Asian works in makeshift stages and black boxes. Popular performance venues include the National Library’s Drama Centre, Esplanade Theatres, Victoria Concert Hall, and the recently refurbished Capitol Theatre. From companies like Pangdemonium, Dream Academy, Singapore Repertory Theatre, W!ld Rice, Singapore Dance Theatre and Theatre Works, you’re sure to recognise stalwart names such as Adrian Pang, Dick Lee, Lim Kay Siu, Dick Lee, Neo Swee Lin and many others.

Singapore Theatre is fast growing as censorship standard loosen up, and many young and aspiring individuals graduate from arts school like Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), School of the Arts (SOTA), and LASALLE.

Join these passionate artists as they tell their stories on the stage.