Singapore, get ready for a glow-tastic adventure land to touchdown in the next week. Sketchers Electric Run has made our little island its flagship venue in Asia, with races at the F1 pits the nights of April 11th and 12th.

This is going to be a blast—basically, it’s a family-friendy rave party world, with many-an-opportunity for selfies and impromptu dance parties at the different light ‘lands’ that will each house local DJs. Participants are encouraged to dress up in whatever neon-wear they can find or make. Crazy hats, wigs, LED glasses, glow jewellery, body paint—anything goes!

We had a chat with Electric Run Managing Director David Landa to get the lo down. So yes, it is technically a 5k run, but according to Landa, people are too busy dancing and enjoying the fusion of light and music to worry much about the finish line.

Some of the lands include ‘Electro rainforest,’ ‘Pillar party,’ and ‘Sketchers Electric Avenue.’ Landa also said to expect at least one land especially dedicated to Singapore.

‘Get there early for the pre-race festival. There’ll be people getting their ‘glow on’, and their LED lights up, face painting, music, dancing, eating, drinking, giveaways, etc. The run then is all about the experience,’ Landa says.

After the race there will be an after party at the main stage, I’m thinking rave! Alcohol will be available at the after party (it’s not encouraged before the race).

In recent years people have started flocking to rave/electric dance music and light festivals all over the world (some of which were partial inspiration for the Electric Run). According to Landa, it’s the high energy, love, good-feelings, and sense of community that draws people to these EDM type events. This will be one of Sing’s first brushes with a light-party this big, so let’s see what this phenomenon so many millennials are drawn to is all about!

There are still some tickets available, although they are running out quickly. Head to to grab your tickets if you haven’t already.