Featuring only the coolest events in Singapore. Hot happenings include pop-ups, theatre shows, art exhibitions, parties, fashion events, music festivals and concerts and many more.

In recent years, Singapore has proven to be a major player on the international events stage.

From major sporting tournaments such as the F1 Grand Prix to worldwide music gigs like Ultra Music Festival and Laneway, there’s always something happening somewhere in the bustling streets of Singapore.

But what if you’re looking for something more unique? Something indefinitely different? An alternative to the mainstream events that you’re tired of having blasted at in your face.

Well, it looks like you’ve come to the right place!

At City Nomads, our events guide doesn’t just sift through all the clutter and pick out events for you to go to.

We only pinpoint the most awesome and unique happenings that we find worthy of going for ourselves, be it music festivals, concerts, stand-up comedy sessions, flea markets, food festivals, poetry jams, theatre shows or art installations.

Listing your event up with us is not a problem as well, and our only requirement is that it mustn’t have the ability to cure our long-standing problem of insomnia.

Okay, we kid. But one thing we really believe in is that having fun is of the utmost importance (always work hard, but make sure you play harder!), which is why we believe that everybody should have equal access to only the hottest events in town.