When I first heard of cycling in a compression chamber, I was a bit intimidated (sounds really hardcore, right?). Turns out, it feels more like preparing for a trip to deep space than an intense workout and it’s relaxing. Introducing HYPOXI.

HYPOXI is all about moving blood circulation into areas it normally doesn’t go. Have you ever noticed whilst running that your tummy and thighs get cold? Margaret, the owner of HYPOXI-Studio CBD, explained that the cold areas indicate places where blood circulation is poor –  when working out, the body burns fat from areas where blood circulation is high and the fat is easy to access. That explains why so many people complain about putting on weight on around their middle, bottoms, thighs etc. even though they exercise regularly!

HYPOXI targets the fatty areas by creating areas of high and low pressure around the body, hence pushing the blood to the lower body. When doing a HYPOXI workout, all the ‘targeted areas’ are warm instead of cool.

As a first timer, you’ll be tested to see how much pressure is suitable for your body. Then you’ll be inserted into the Vacunaut PressureSuit, which looks like a cross between a space suit and a diving suit. While lying down, the suit is hooked up to a bunch of tubes coming out of the bed and your pressure will be adjusted on a panel (deep space preparation!). I could feel the hundreds of suction cups, pulling and releasing with the compression, but there’s zero pain—if you use your imagination, it could even be a massage! The suit is designed to begin the process of circulating the blood to the lower areas of the body.

Next, you’ll take a half hour session cycling with your lower half inserted into a compression chamber. Sounds scary, but it’s not. I felt the pressure moving me up and down a bit, but there was no discomfort and because you must keep your blood pressure under 120 for the process to work properly, it was a very gentle workout. I enjoyed a few gossip mags during my session, some people watch shows on their tablets or multi-task and get some work done.

I’d recommend this for people who struggle to lose weight around their middle even with diet and exercise or for new mothers who want to lose baby weight without doing something really strenuous. HYPOXI can help with the appearance of cellulite as well. Even after one session I could see a bit of a difference around my thighs. Margaret said most people reach their goals within 12 sessions, and she regularly sees people lose several centimetres within their treatment time, if they are willing to commit to the program by choosing the write nutrition and drinking enough water.