Adding a contemporary twist to Indian street food, Table Restaurant & Bar brings forth a delectable selection of authentic Indian fare like “naan” other. Located on the ground floor of Naumi Hotel Singapore on Seah Street, Table offers a unique dining experience where you’ll be surrounded by artsy decor and contemporary furniture. Sitting across from Table’s Head Chef Milind Sovani, who reminisced tales of his own childhood experiences and added a touch of nostalgia to the dishes served, it’s evident just how much heart and soul had been poured into this new menu. 

First up, the Chowpatty Ki Pani Puri ($14), a fun do-it-yourself dish that requires you to stuff spiced potatoes, fresh sprouts, and green chilli into a crispy puff shell, followed by pouring some tangy, spiced, mint water – cleverly served in iced glass test tubes – into the shell. As we ate, Head Chef Sovani recalls how pani puri shells were sold by the bags in his hometown where as a child he could eat over ten pieces in one sitting. But of course, at Table, Head Chef Sovani has made these shells in-house from scratch.

Chowpatty Ki Pani Puri ($14) – Crispy puffs stuffed with spiced potato, sprouts, green chilli and masala, served with spiced mint water

Another playful, contemporary twist to Indian food is their Chilli Cheese Kulzza ($14) a bestseller from their old menu. While it looks like pizza, the Chilli Cheese Kulzza features a generous portion of mozzarella cheese that’s been folded into the naan, so you can experience cheese all the way into the crust. The cheese does get quite overwhelming after awhile, which is where the side of spicy garlic sauce comes in. It cuts perfectly through the naan’s cheese-packed texture and makes every bite refreshing.

I feel the need to mention how amazing and perfect the Naans ($7) are even when ordered plain. They’re fresh and fluffy, the saltiness is just right, and the slight char also comes through, making it the perfect accompaniment to every dish or as a meal on its own. If you’re a fan of the naan and curry combo, Table offers a range of curries with the new inclusion of their Malvani Fish Curry ($29), made using Seabass fillets in a coconut and kokum curry.

Chilli Cheese Kulzza ($14) – Tandoor-grilled fresh fluffy naan bread topped with green chilli, bell pepper and mild cheddar

I love carbs, and I especially love it when it’s mashed and served in a martini glass. Their Pao Bhajee ($16) consists of potato and tomato hand mashed together, along with other vegetables like peas and carrots. Served with garlic bread, the buttery goodness of the bread balances the acidity in the tomato, making it like a vegetarian bolognese. While seemingly a small portion, don’t be fooled, it is in fact rather filling. Head Chef Sovani explains how the Pao Bhajee is traditionally a street food item anyone can buy as a cheap meal because it’s packed with nutrition and fills your stomach easily.

Pao Bhajee ($16) – Vegetarian mash served in a martini glass alongside garlic crostini paos

What I also appreciate about Table’s menu is how vegetarian-friendly it is. Try the Tandoori Broccoli ($18), where broccoli florets with mustard-infused tandoori marinade are grilled in the traditional Indian oven. If you’re a fan of cheese and broccoli, this dish basically took that same idea and levelled it up, Indian-style.

Another new addition to Table’s menu is their Exective Set Lunch, available from 12pm to 2.30pm daily at just $20++. It includes a choice of main; some offerings include the Murg Paprika Tikka, and the vegetarian Paneer Makhanwala amongst others. Supplemented by their Dal and Vegetable of the Day, Naan, and fragrant basmati rice.

For dessert, their new Salted Caramel Chikki Ice Cream ($12) that incorporates Chikki – a traditional Indian sweet generally made from peanuts and jaggery – with Table’s signature home-made salted caramel ice cream is a must.

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Table Restaurant & Bar is located at Naumi Hotel Singapore, 41 Seah St, Singapore 188396, p.+65 6403 6005. Open daily from 11am – 10.30pm.