Rang Mahal is no stranger to the gourmand in Singapore. This fine dining Indian establishment has been around for over 45 years, and its longevity can be attributed to its constant innovation and creation during its culinary journey. Their latest offering is ambitious and promises to deliver spectacular Indian fare.

The new menu, created by Rang Mahal’s award-winning Chef Miland Sovani, reflects a sensitivity of current food and wellness trends without compromising on flavours and the Indian heritage. He meets the demand for healthier Indian fare with an adept knowledge on the properties and use of a myriad of spices, as well as with Ayurvedic principles that promote a holistic and balanced diet in mind.

One such example is the Tomato Saar, Mulethi Herb Foam ($20). Besides boasting medical properties and being full of antioxidants, the mulethi adds a subtle sweetness to this classic tangy tomato soup that whets the appetite. With vegetarian dishes aplenty like Rang Mahal’s signature, Tandoori Duet of White & Green Asparagus ($35) and the beloved South Indian Subz Moilee ($36) that features an assortment of exotic vegetables immersed in creamy Kerala-style coconut curry, vegetarians looking for choice options will not be disappointed. Furthermore, Rang Mahal caters to gluten-free guests with the option of gluten-free naan.

Perfect for communal dining, the Tandoori Fondue – An Ensemble of Kebabs ($58) allows guests to interact and bond over their food. The chicken kebabs are marinated with a variety of herbs like holy basil and Kasuri fenugreek allowing diners to savour different flavours in one dish. Grilled in tandoor, each tasty, juicy morsel of chicken is elevated to another level when dipped into the luscious five-cheese sauce with touch of tomato makhni. The Roomali Masala Papad ($15) is a first in Singapore with a gigantic offering of papadum topped with a potpourri of sev (lentil crispies), onion, tomato, chilli and a special spice blend. A great drinking snack, to be sure.

Things get exciting with the dim sum-inspired Butter Chicken Bao ($42). The exquisite and pillowy (but petit) naan bao with rich, fragrant butter chicken might be a fleeting experience, but it is pure joy while it lasts. Trust me, there will be no bao left standing. Another surprising delight was the Parsi Kheema Per Eeda, Maska Bao ($55). A traditional Mumbai recipe gets a Parsi twist with the spiced minced lamb (kheema) with soft eggs and buttered (maska) buns.

Lamb lovers are in for a special treat as Rang Mahal introduces two must-try lamb dishes, the Lucknowi Nalli Ghosht ($54) and Dhuwandaar Lamb Chops ($42) are superb. The Dhuwandaar lamb chops are marinated with a special spice blend along with caramelised pineapple and ginger garlic marinade. Cooked in tandoor and then smoked with garam masala and Applewood, the lamb chops have a beautiful crust with a sweet, tender interior. The dish is presented with the lamb chops still engulfed in smoke so have your cameras ready for the ‘gram when the server lifts the cover.

I usually veer away from traditional Indian desserts because they’re usually too sweet for me to appreciate. Yet Chef Miland’s Gulab Jamun Flambe ($25) and the Lychee Kulfi ($20) has completely changed my opinion of classic Indian desserts. Drenched in rose saffron nectar syrup, the sweet milk balls are balanced by the generous portions of fresh fruits and the Drambuie flambe. The Lychee Kulfi is equally addictive from the sweetness of the fresh lychees complementing the creamy cubes of the traditional Indian ice cream.

Rang Mahal is located at level 3, Pan Pacific Hotel, 7 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039595, p.+65 6333 1788. Open Daily for Breakfast 7am-10.30am, Buffet Lunch 12pm-2.30pm and Dinner 6.30pm-10.30pm.