A restaurant with a panoramic view of the Marina Bay area, LeVeL33 is breathtaking in every way. Especially when the first thing that greets you upon entering the restaurant is a row of looming beer brewing tanks – a rare sight to behold especially at the top of an urban district centre.  Their lush, copper schemed interior embraces you in a classic and warm atmosphere, leaving you completely relaxed and ready to fully immerse in the diverse and rich flavours to come.

New Executive Chef ArChan Chan has revamped most of LeVeL33’s culinary offerings, by innovating new ways in which ingredients in both food and drink can complement in each other. Reflecting an acute sensitivity to ingredients, a skill cultivated from cooking in Hong Kong and Australia, there’s a refreshing ingenuity in the way she incorporates LeVeL33’s craft brews with sustainably sourced ingredients in her dishes.

The Kingfish Sashimi ($26) looks unassumingly simple. But don’t be fooled, the thick slices of fresh kingfish had been delicately cured in a sheet of kombu that is soaked in soy and one of LeVeL33’s lighter house brews – the Blond Lager. It’s accompanied by thinly sliced pickled cucumber and ‘sand’ made with nori and spent grain (a brewing by-product rich in protein and fibre). We see the latter used in other dishes as well, creating an oaty texture that adds an earthy dimension to the dish.

Kingfish Sashimi Cured In LeVeL33 Lager

Fans of seafood would also enjoy the Hokkaido Scallops ($24). Pan-seared and served with wheat beer dashi and crunchy malt chips, an elegant harmony hums when it’s eaten with the Bavarian-style Wheat Beer or their housebrewed Irish-style Stout.

Another dish that takes on beer elements is the Seabass ($36), sustainably and locally sourced. If you, like me, are a fan of risotto, you’re bound to fall in love with this dish of pan-seared sea bass on beer malt risotto, daikon, and classic beurre blanc with drips of dill oil. Instead of being rich and creamy, Chef Chan plays on texture once again, where the malt puffs absorb the buttery sauce and flavours explode in a burst with every bite.

Garden Greens Tart – Vegan Friendly and Gluten Free

While the dishes that we’ve tried and their French Quail ($27) – marinated overnight with LeVeL33’s Stout, lemongrass, and ginger – strongly integrate LeVeL33’s craft beer elements, there are other dishes that do not, such as the Garden Greens Tart ($29). The beautiful ensemble of seasonal vegetables, including zucchini, peas, and fresh pea shoots, is encircled by a crispy taro ring and dressed with reduced carrot juice.

A meal is never truly complete without dessert and the Layered Honey Cake ($15) was a delectably sweet close to the evening. Adapted from a Russian recipe inspired by Chef de Cuisine Maksym’s Russian heritage, the dish presents an adult twist to a childhood classic – the honeycomb candy. A sweet that is most commonly found in the Cadbury Crunchie bar, Chef de Cuisine Maksym has aerated his honeycomb candy with beer, giving a darker undertone to the dish’s sweetness.

Layered Honey Cake with Beer Infused Honeycomb

Following the departure of LeVeL33’s long-serving Executive Chef Jimi Tegerdine, LeVeL33 took a risk at reinventing themselves with new operations and new talents in the kitchen, and we’d say that it has paid off. Come revel in the beautiful view and multifaceted flavours they have to offer.

Top image: The Seabass on Beer Risotto

LeVel33 is located at 8 Marina Boulevard #33-01, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1, Singapore 018981, p. +65 6834 3133. Open Mon-Thu 11.30am–12am, Fri-Sat 11.30am–2am, Sun and PH 12pm–12am.