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The next time you’re venturing to Bangkok’s Old Town, pencil in a meal at Err Bangkok on your to-do list. A bustling little eatery created by the iconic duo behind Bo.lan, it isn’t far from iconic landmarks like Wat Pho and the Flower Market, and is surprisingly accessible by boat.

The menu is relatively large, predominantly serving revisited renditions of rustic Thai fare with a predominantly northern influence. To save us the effort, it’s broken up into nine different sections, including the Preserved, Pickled, Grilled, and Wok-fried (Wok Wok).

Starting off simple, whet your palate with spicy Siamese salads like the fruity Yum Polamai (THB140), or the Lab Peak Pla Meuk (THB165) for an Isaan-styled mix with squid wing and toasted rice. If you’ve always wanted to tried cured meats from the north but too wary of street food, go for the Northern-styled fermented pork, Naem (THB220), cured with a blend of garlic and sticky rice.

Albeit a daunting first bite, the taste is pleasant and not overpowering to the senses, with a mildly sour tang and a texture not too unlike luncheon meat. For an option with more crunch, get the Khao Tort Pla Insri Kem (THB165), perfect to share with three crispy grilled rice balls rolled with salted mackerel.

Balance out the carbs with some fiber in the Pad Pak Bung (THB195), a simple stir fry of crisp morning glory in fragrant shrimp paste. And forget the obligatory bowl of white rice, go for a skewer of sticky rice lightly coated in egg and grilled with the Khao Niew (THB35) instead.

Top it all off with a meaty main of Meuk Tod Kamin (THB180), crispy batter-fried squid and fried garlic, and you’ve got lunch sorted; lighter options also include the Met Tang Mor (THB85), freshly toasted watermelon seeds with toasted kefir lime leaves for an acidic touch.

Err’s long list of soups and curries are nothing short of a testament to how much locals and visitors alike adore the savoury sourness of a good Siamese stew. The Geng Deng Gai Sai Fuck (THB395), for example, is a red curry of summer melon and chicken on the bone.  And if you’re looking out for something aside from the usual Tom Yum, try the Tom Kamin Kai Ban (THB195), for a lesser known spicy chicken soup.

Sitting unobtrusively by the riverside, Err brings traditional recipes to life away from the hullabaloo of Bangkok’s main streets. For a complete experience, enjoy your meal over a cocktail – we enjoyed Flower Market No. 2 (THB250) – or two.

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Err Bangkok is located at 394/35 Maharaj Road, Tatien, Phra Borom Maha, Ratchawang, Phranakorn, Bangkok  10200, p.+66 02 622 2292. Opens Tues-Sun, 11am — 4pm, 5pm — 9pm.