It’s been two months since Jewel Changi‘s grand unveiling, and throngs of crowds have already made their pilgrimage for their very own 6-second Instagram story of the behemoth waterfall — the pièce de résistance of it all. Plus, food options at Jewel are unending; from contemporary Chinese to locally-grown Peranakan, and plenty of bars and fast food. But if you’re jonesing for some seafood, the right direction is the way to London-born Burger & Lobster. Don’t worry, no disappointing S$16 lobster rolls here.

Sambal Glazed Lobster (SGD$65++ for 1.5lb)

You’ll find the the luxe-casual restaurant right up top on the fifth floor — that means a full view of Jewel’s Shiseido Forest Valley from the bar, making it a great stop before or after dinner. But first, the food: pretty straightforward as the name suggests, the single-page menu features fresh Nova Scotia lobsters flown in live from Canada. You can have them on their own (S$65++ for 1.5lb), or between fresh loaves of bread.

The Mayfair (SGD$25++ for 170g)

Accompanied by a side salad and fries, ever serving of lobster comes with a generous serving of buttery-rich lemon garlic sauce . That said, the Original Roll (SGD$40++) is what they do best – sweet tender lobster meat snuggled between a buttery toasted brioche roll.

The Jewel-exclusive Sambal Glazed Lobster (S$65++ for 1.5lb) comes with brioche; as much as we love the buttery bread, there’s something a lot more satisfying about the mopping down a saucy dish with fluffy mantou buns. And if you’re looking for some turf to balance out the surf, The Mayfair (S$25++ for 170g) is a juicy Nebraskan beef burger finished with secret B&L burger sauce.

B&L Gin & Tonic (SGD$14++)

The bar isn’t something to pass over either, especially if you’re nursing a food coma post-meal and need some down time before exploring the rest of Jewel.

The list of tropical drinks include a light and floral B&L Gin & Tonic (SGD$14++) and the Lillemoni (SGD$14++), a bright combination of grapefruit, aperitif wine and tonic.

The B&L Pineapple Iced Tea (SGD$9++) adds a twist of black tea, pineapple puree, and lemon juice and palm sugar to cut through the richness too. There are plenty of mocktails for those looking to pass on the alcohol too.

For desserts (if you still have room for it), we recommend the Tres Leches (SGD$12++). It’s a simple vanilla-flavoured sponge and green tea whip with roasted pistachio nuts. It’s nothing mind-blowing, but a lovely way to end a meal nonetheless.

Burger & Lobster is located at Jewel Changi Airport, 78 Airport Blvd, #05-203, Singapore 819666. Opens daily from 9am to 3am.