In an ideal world I would have a make-up artist, hairstylist and manicurist on hand, a lighting guy, y’know…to capture my best side darrrrrrling and a wind machine…of course.. a wind machine to accompany me where ever I went. In short, I would make every entrance like life was a Beyonce video. And if it wouldn’t be considered a tad over the top, I would also wear a plunging gold-spangled catsuit, just saying! Regrettably my existence is not so glamorous and so when I was asked if I wanted to spend an afternoon having a professional makeover, I replied yes quicker than Beyonce can shake that fine booty of hers!

I first met the ladies at Pro Academy when they participated in our Style shoot and Watti, Principal Pro Make Up & Hairstyling Trainer, did an absolutely fantastic job.

But let’s just say the thing we are all thinking…how hard is it to make a beautiful model look, well beautiful?  One could say that she had something of a head start. So how about a less-blessed face? My daily make-up routine is very simple, some concealer hastily applied round my eyes, mascara- lashings of and usually enough blusher to slightly resemble a russian doll- I do like a pinky cheek! I never have a full face of makeup because the moment I step outside into that clammy Singapore heat, my face slides off! As I sat down in the chair I apologetically explain this to Watti as if somehow embarrassed by my non-glamorous ways, and my lesson begins.

First things first, before anything else Watti applies primer and explains it’s importance in keeping your makeup in place, and protecting your skin. Then she starts on my eyes, which like many Mediterranean girls are a little sunken, with a tendency towards dark circles. Not a problem, you need to go for a pinkish toned concealer she explains as my skin has a pink base. The trick apparently is not to go for a concealer that matches your skin tone as it won’t do much, you need a different colour to extract the darkness and brighten. She skilfully applies concealer until I’m looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! For the base she uses a foundation that is a tone lighter than my actual skin colour. When it oxidises (seriously chemistry? I’m getting a proper education here! This is when your oil glands come out, mix with foundation and air and make the foundation go darker) it will match my skin, as opposed to looking like a bad tan. Then the magic really starts, as she begins to contour my face with dark and light, enhancing the good bits and hiding the not so good . Apparently I have a square face (I beg your pardon!?), but as Watti says ‘with makeup we can always make you look a little ….less-square!’ . Sure enough by highlighting around the chin and creating shade on the cheeks, which she does and all of a sudden my face is slimmer, my jaw is less gladiatorial and my cheekbones are now most model-esque!

Watti turns to a rainbow-coloured palate of eyeshadows and picks a hot pink. Erm. But as she explains, because I have such huge eyes already, everything has to be done in moderation, so rather than sweeping the colour across the whole eye, it’s just a little hint on the brow bone. Equally the eye-liner starts mid lash to elongate, rather than enhance the big roundness! She says I need to pick bold colours and be brave for more impact but that I can get away with it because I have a good face – aw thanks Watti! A light application of mascara and my eyes have definitely got the wow factor. Next it’s lipliner and lipstick and I am transformed before my very eyes!

It’s all very clever and whilst Watti is working her magic on my face, I ask her a little more about herself. It turns out I am in expert hands. Make-up artistry runs in her family, but it wasn’t an immediate calling for Watti. She studied fashion and graphics design before working as an art director in an advertising agency, which one can only imagine armed her with some pretty valuable skills, because at the end of the day, whether it’s a face, or a product – it’s all about aesthetics and for that Watti clearly has a knack.

When her mum’s bridal business took off and needed Watti’s help, she stepped in and suddenly her flair and passion for makeup was ignited and there was no turning back. Since then Watti has joined leading international brand, Make Up For Ever as a ProArtist; been instrumental in the launch of runways, commercial, editorial and looks for L’Oreal, River Island, Miss Selfridge, Valentino, Kenzo, Celine; as well as, for celebrities for films; and for the theatre production the Lion King. And she’s done my face- her loftiest achievement to date!

A turning point for Watti, was when she was chosen out of 100 of the best makeup artists in Singapore as the only person who was good enough to do the Lion King makeup. She realised that she wanted to pass on her knowledge and build a team of expert makeup artists who are not only passionate but highly skilled. Joining up with Pro Academy gave her the opportunity to teach and develop makeup artists to not only up their market value with versatility and skills, but also Singapore’s standing in the makeup community.

Now, here’s the really good bit. Pro Academy not only trains wannabe experts, but they also host a number of courses for you and I who just need to know a few tricks of the trade to have us looking our best. They’re taught by Watti, so you’re learning from an absolute professional, they’re exceptionally reasonably priced,  and afterwards you’re going to look so good you’ll feel like a supermodel!

To find out more about the tutorials Pro Academy offer, check out their website here and take note, it’s not only makeup courses and workshops, they also offer hair, nails..etc…

Pro Academy is a mecca for beauty and learning, but the key here is that they are friendly, approachable and genuinely keen to share the knowledge. Judging from the heightened interest I seemed to be attracting after my makeover, I’m convinced that this is knowledge I should definitely have!