You’ve heard their cars roaring through the streets of Singapore, but what you might not know is that Porsche isn’t just an automobile company – far from it. After all, why restrict good design to sports cars? Why not extend it to practical products like sportswear, mobile phones, writing tools, and watches?

Well, the legendary German brand clearly thought the same way, if the 130 plus Porsche Design stores across six continents are any indication.


porsche design singapore store

Zip In Parka

To better understand Porsche Design, you must first look towards the automobile manufacturer that we all know, Porsche AG. In the 1960s, when Ferdinand Alexander Porsche – grandson of Porsche founder Ferdinand Porsche – designed what would become the iconic Porsche 911 in his early-20s, it became clear that his instinct for technology, materials, and aesthetic would surpass that of his predecessors. After designing numerous other cars like the Formula 1 bullet Porsche 804 and Porsche 904 Carrera GTS, he started Porsche Design in 1972, driven by his desire to create more than fast cars.

It suffices to say that the values of Porsche AG and Porsche Design are inextricably intertwined. As Ferdinand Alexander and his small team worked on various pursuits – think watches, pipes, sunglasses, and even writing apparatus – that interested him personally, every design was grounded in breaking the mold. Today, the brand continues to create highly-sophisticated designs that encompass intelligent functionality and technological innovations.

porsche design singapore store

Ultra BOOST Trainer

On Thursday, 9 November 2017, a new Porsche Design store opens on the second level of Porsche Centre Singapore at 29 Leng Kee Road. You can look forward to a highly-curated shopping experience here – the essence of Porsche Design distilled within a compact, minimalist space.

Check out the Cargon travel bag and Roadster Hardcase luggage collections and you may just find something new to tote along for your holiday getaway this Christmas. The more athletically-inclined will want to browse through the Fall/Winter 2017 Sportswear line, produced in collaboration with Adidas and featuring limited edition sneakers, shirts, and jackets.

porsche design singapore store

Roadster Hardcase Trolley

A selection of merchandise is available for immediate purchase in the store, while the rest of the collections are available for special order. The Porsche Design store at Porsche Centre Singapore promises to bring a new dimension to the Porsche experience you know and enjoy, uniting the two brands under one roof within one immersive showroom.

Porsche Design is located on Level 2, Porsche Centre Singapore, 29 Leng Kee Rd, Singapore 159099, p. +65 6472 4433, e. See their collections now on the official Porsche Design Singapore Instagram.

This post is sponsored by Porsche Design Singapore.