Marina Bay Sands, Singapore’s integrated resort, is the go-to place for locals and tourists alike. From luxury brands to fast fashion retail, and celebrity chef establishments to casual dining restaurants, none can beat what this resort situated strategically in Singapore’s downtown core. Adding to its repertoire of dining experiences is Origin + Bloom, a European-inspired patisserie set that marries superior produce with fine craftsmanship to present timeless classics and modern creations.

The interiors of Origin + Bloom embraces cafe culture, with outward facing seats so patrons can relax and watch as the world goes by and floor-to-ceiling windows that showcase the tropical vegetation outdoors.

Origin + Bloom features original creations by Chef Antonio Benites, the integrated resort’s newly-appointed executive pastry chef. With almost 20 years of experience in the art of pastry, from his time under tutelage from the revolutionary Pierre Herme to the role of Pastry Chef Director at the former Michelin starred Joel Robuchon Restaurant and Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Chef Antonio brings his expertise to the table in the form of marvellous creations that are not just aesthetically pleasing, but delicious as well.

For one, the aptly named Mango (S$10) is a vibrant chilled pastry shaped like the fruit. Fresh Thai mango in its mousse and passionfruit-lychee jelly oozes out as you break the dandelion-hued chocolate shell. The intense aroma and sweetness of the mango combined with a hint of tartness of the passionfruit-lychee brings upon a tropical mouthfeel that’s perfect for sunny Singapore.

For something chocolatey, the Black Symphony (S$10), a showcase of Chef Antonio’s artistry. Salted caramel mousse lies between two pure dark chocolate pecan brownies, set atop a cacao crumble base. The dome-shaped treat is enameled in a classic black glaze, and a delicate white chocolate feather beautifully adorns this pastry masterpiece.

In addition to the medley of pastries and cakes, Origin + Bloom also offers an array of premium sandwiches, fresh salads, and yoghurt parfaits for those looking for a wholesome meal on the go.

Taking the main stage is The Whole 9 Yards (S$16), a hearty sandwich featuring endless layers of thinly cut gourmet hams and cured sausages with pickled vegetables and arugula. Taller and wider than your usual, the sandwich looks intimidating at first glance. Bursting with flavour, and once you take a bite, you’ll be craving for more.

Taking inspiration from a local favourite is the No. 65 (S$14), a creative play on Hainanese chicken rice. Tender poached chicken is topped with minced ginger, spring onions, coriander and sauce in a fresh and crispy baguette, adding a whole new dimension to the quintessential hawker fare.

Of course, no patisserie is complete without its brews. At Origin + Bloom, coffee beans are specially selected to extract their best flavours through each unique brewing method, presenting a delightful menu for coffee lovers, from traditional blends to modern concoctions such as the Origin + Bloom mazagran (S$6), an interesting blend of cold drip coffee and tart lemon juice served over ice. For a more refreshing caffeine experience, the esotonic (S$6) combines espresso with tonic water, resulting in a fruity, bubbly sensation. Both concoctions are perfect for washing down the delectable pastries and hearty sandwiches in this quaint, dreamy patisserie.

Origin + Bloom is located at Lobby, Marina Bay Sands Hotel Tower 3, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956, p. +65 6688 8588. Open daily 7am – 10pm.