If you are looking for a sour and spicy Fish Head Curry experience, then you might want to try Assam Fish Head Curry. This can be commonly found in Peranakan restaurants or some Muslim hawker centre stalls. However, if you are looking for gold-star experience, Novena Peranakan Cuisine is the place to go. Having a reputation of being one of Singapore’s best Peranakan restaurants, Novena Peranakan has never failed to deliver the best of Peranakan flavours. The reasonably priced Assam Fish Head Curry is a prime example. The curry sauce is both sour and slightly spicy, and heavenly when drizzled over fragrant white rice, but you can also drink it like a soup. The fish is fresh and meaty, and is always just perfectly cooked and covered with the Assam gravy. This is definitely one place you would not want to miss out on.
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 11.30am – 3pm, 5.30pm – 10pm