Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely adore the whole nails with coffee, nails with cocktails, nails in chi-chi surrounds concept, we do…but what about when you just want a quick, efficient, and most importantly not-so-pricey version?  Because let’s face it, it’s a bit of a treat having your nails done and sometimes a more economical version is just what you’re looking for! Well, Nail Alcove in China Town is a newly opened nail salon that will have your bank card breathing a sigh of relief!

Nail Alcove is a total passion project by a group of highly experienced and qualified nail beauticians who were previously mobile or working from home, but who saved up and grouped together to fund this charming (if slightly hidden) nail salon in a shophouse along Temple Street. You get the impression there’s no fancy investors, no big machine behind them, just the dedication and commitment of a group of girls who love what they do, and we like that a lot. Make your way through the crazy smells and mad variety of stalls selling everything from random tourist tat to medicinal herbs and spices..find the discreet doorway, climb the stairs and you will find yourself in a little girly oasis!

Offering everything from a simple and quick Express Manicure ($12) to more luxurious spa treatments, we especially liked the fact that when we opted for the foot scrub we were invited to select from 4 pots all of which smelt amazing. After an extensive smell test we went for a honey vanilla scrub which was heavenly – almost good enough to eat! However for tired and overworked feet, the ladies recommended their special Organic Wild Thyme Foot Scrub ($10), an invigorating foot pumice scrub coupled with a customised massage technique improves circulation and scours off dead skin cells. Apparently it gives a tingly sensation so we’ll definitely be trying that next time!

If you’re feeling a little dry and dusty how about the Moisture Thermal Heat Wrap ($20) – an intense treatment for deep penetrative hydration, where your hands or feet are wrapped in cellophane with Cuccio’s Deep Dermal Transforming Wrap and placed in mittens or booties to warm for 15 to 20 minutes. Nail Alcove also offers all sorts of nail art and adornments, even 3D art which had us intrigued and then ooohing and aahing as we looked through the options.

Honestly the thing that we loved the most though, was the chilled out, cosy environment – it’s not super slick or ultra fancy, there’s no rush or hard sells, but for the couple of hours we were there, it was just utterly relaxing, the lovely ladies are so so friendly and both Superpat and I walked out feeling pampered, soothed and floaty-light. Also worth noting, a week later our mani’s and pedi’s are still impeccable…a big perfectly-manicured thumbs up!

Written by Heh Zee

On this occasion the treatments were courtesy of Nail Alcove.