This is sort of our Fat Cow part II feature – the first being Mooalicious Cocktails where we focused on the cocktail/mixology offerings over at the bar. This time though it’s all about the food.

Now we know there might be many of you out there, dying to have the subliminal Fat Cow experience that you have heard people gushing about. You may be lusting over the thought of luxurious, bespoke, premium meat selected from leading farms around the world offered up in a variety of cuts and four cooking methods to suit your mood, and of serenading your palate with that irresistible Wagyu flavour.

But maybe you have been thinking…I want it so much but…. “Ouch! with that price tag?”.

Well there may be a way around this now as the luxury meat atelier recently rolled out it’s lunch sets, giving those sitting on the fence the chance to Moooooo rather than sulking on the sidelines going Merrrrr. And so of course we duly accepted Fat Cow’s invitation to sample their lunch menu.

The setting of Fat Cow is just as luxurious as the food, in fact at lunchtime, stepping inside from the bright sunlight and sterile surrounds of Camden Medical Centre into the softly lit interior of the restaurant is quite appropriate for the palate seduction which is in store.

Sitting down at the chef’s table, my eyes locked instantly on the beautiful cuts of  A3 and A5 Japanese Wagyu , and Australian Wagyu grade MS8+ from Stockyard and Blackmore Ranch staring out at me from the meat cabinets, which seemed to be whispering “come hither” to me. Hang on a minute…meat talking to me? I think I must be slipping into food delirium already! But who could blame me?

I snapped out of it as my attention turned to the chefs expertly cooking the cuts before my eyes…

Interestingly, it’s not just about the meat, as I found out on this visit. Fat Cow is also a great place for seafood lovers – as I discovered starting out on the Appetizers. I decided to try a selection of sashimi (5 pieces per dish), starting out with the Hokkaido Hotate ($28), fresh, sweet, tender, melt-in-your-mouth scallop sashimi.

I was excited to see one of my favourite sashimi dishes – Tai Carpaccio with black truffle ($38) – on the menu. Apart from being a feast for the eyes, the perfect softness of the thinly sliced snapper served with generous fresh truffle shavings (not just truffle oil) gives a fantastic texture/flavour combination played out on the stage of your mouth.

It was so good that quite frankly if things had stopped there I would have been more than content. But no! There was more to come.

Rounding off the Appetizers was the Trio of Maguro ($36). Those who are fans of tuna sushi and sashimi will love the fact that you get three renditions all in one dish and essentially from three different parts of the fish done in three different ways: Otoro Aburi Sushi,  Chutoro garlic and marinated akami. The combination of supreme tuna belly in the Otoro Aburi Sushi and my favourite preparation method of searing was beautiful, the chutoro was tender and soft like butter with a subtle garlic flavour and the akami with it’s firmer texture was complemented perfectly by it’s soy and ginger marinade.

Now onto the lunchtime sets. Whether you’re in the mood for seafood or meat there’s something to tempt you from the 10 different sets available on the lunch menu be it a Sashimi or Chirsashi Set ($58) or of course if you’re here to sample the meat then you might opt to a Wagyu Donburi ($60) or Negi Wagyu Donburi ($54).

Now although these prices may still seem on the high side for a set, let me assure you superior quality is what you get in return to justify it. How so? Well let me explain. The

Miso soup is house-brewed for at least two days with three types of miso which gives it a more distinctive, richer flavour than usual, and the charimushi (steamed organic egg) was of a perfect consistency – silky, smokey and smooth with a welcomed twist of prawn, crab meat and ladies fingers. You have to admit it also looks rather fetching!

The Wagyu Donburi, made with A3 Wagyu, was a chance to savour  the tender juiciness of the meat that Fat Cow is famed for, with it’s distinctive flavour carrying through from the tender, expertly cooked morsels through to the perfectly – and I mean PERFECTLY – cooked rice which was just the right balance of soft and sticky. Topping the dish off was a poached egg which with one pop oozes lazily over the entire dish. A luxurious rendition of a donburi if ever there was one.

Along with the set you also get a salad and zucchini flower tempura – a nice touch on the latter. The set is more than enough for lunch on it’s own, but we thought it only wise to try a selection to give you better flavour of what else is available! 😉

Now on to desserts. When I first arrived in Singapore, I fell in love with mochi and so ordered with glee the Warabi Mochi ($18). Handmade in-house, these delightful cubes of glutinous rice had me practically swooning with their plush, soft yet chewy texture. Roll the pieces around in the accompanying roasted soy bean flour (my favourite) or for those who like things bittersweet there’s also green tea flour to dip into. Great for sharing, these are truly the queen of all mochi and the perfect way to round off Fat Cow festivities.

On this occasion the meal was hosted by Fat Cow