It’s almost half way through the year now, how are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions to lose weight or stay in better shape? I know, I know, working out can be so boring and repetitive, and it’s hard to keep that motivation up. Well, one way to ward off lax workouts is joining a boot camp! The thought, and the word itself, sounds intimidating, but it’s not as scary as you might think! I tried a few boot camps in Singapore just to convince you.

Phyzique has seven locations and multiple times for boot camps. I attended the session held at the Sheraton Towers, inside the training facility on the fourth floor. This is an ongoing boot camp, anyone can join, at anytime.

The Phyzique sessions include cardio and aerobic weight training using weights and other gym equipment (gym equipment is brought down to the outdoor sessions as well). The exercises are grouped into upper body, lower body, and core workouts. Several trainers set up a series of three exercises and the group work at their own starting station for a minute and then switch to the next exercise (similar to circuit training). After three go-rounds of the exercises, it’s time for a quick break, try to catch a breath! and then on to another set of exercises, possibly with some cardio in between.

The Phyzique process is based on time, not repetitions, so the challenge is to do as many as you possibly can for your own level of fitness. This might be nice for someone who is just starting their fitness journey, as you will never ‘fall behind’ or be the last one done with an exercise.

Phyzique is also great for beginners because they have multiple trainers at each session, which ensures you will be getting personal motivation and technique help with every round.

To view Phyzique’s schedule or to contact a trainer, visit


UFIT have multiple sessions at different locations every day of the week. I attended one at MacRitchie reservoir. The reservoir serves as a beautiful backdrop for a workout, and Ufit makes great use of the outdoor space (I always feel like I’m working harder outside!).

The session started out with some standard warm ups and stretching, then progressed to a challenging run relay. Everyone in the group was encouraging and motivating. This particular camp felt most like a friendly workout community to me.

The series of exercises are done without much equipment (I just used a yoga mat and a tension band that was provided), but they are challenging. Ufit also uses a time system rather than numbers of repetitions, but there are different timings for different levels. For example, the people who classify themselves as beginners will hold a squat for 40 seconds, the intermediate group will do 50 seconds, and the advanced group will do 60 seconds. This also allows for a longer recovery time for the beginners

Personally, I loved the location, the feeling, and variety of levels that Ufit provides. To find out more visit


EzFIT provides a great option for those who don’t have a lot of time to work a boot camp into their schedules or who don’t like the idea of joining a session with a bunch of people they don’t know. The Ezfit trainers will meet you wherever you wish to do your session, given that it is an appropriate space to do the activities. You put together a group of four or five of your friends to do the session with, pick the place and time, and EzFIT will come to you!

The EzFIT trainers complete an initial fitness test, noting the weight, body-fat percentage, and BMI of all their participants. This helps them assess where one’s overall health is at and what exercises might benefit the person the most. It’s also nice to record your starting statistics, so you can see how far you have come at the end of your program!

EzFIT does a blend of strength training, aerobic, and cardio exercises, assisted by some workout equipment such as a medicine ball and resistance bands.

To contact an EzFIT trainer visit

Better Bodies

Better Bodies started the boot camp movement in Singapore about six years ago. The boot camps are held in several different locations outside, and run for six week stints.

I tested my own fitness level by participating in a week six boot camp. In this session I was challenged to complete sixty reps of three grouped exercises then two sprints…followed by another group of three exercises. I did the cycle three times. Different time/rep options weren’t provided for those who were ‘less fit,’ because the six week schedule gets increasingly harder as participants become increasingly stronger and more fit. Hence, if you’re just starting a workout program, don’t start this boot camp at week six!

Better Bodies breaks every six weeks to allow for a recovery time. The trainers in this program really push you, as does the knowledge that you have to keep up with other participants lest you fall behind.

To get in touch with a trainer from Better Bodies visit

All of these boot camps challenged and motivated me to achieve a higher level of fitness. Boot camps provide motivation for those who find it hard to push themselves while working out individually. They also add variety to stagnant, overused workout routines. Each one of these boot camps offers a free trial, so you have the chance to check out which is the best fit for you.