Attention fellow yoga lovers: You have to try YogaFly at Upside Motion! Go and do it now, because I promise you will love it.

YogaFly takes yoga asanas into the air with a fabric hammock that enables you to float whilst performing poses. For example, you can use the hammock for support in warrior three, stand in the hammock for tree pose, use around the ankle for an extended stretch in high lunge, sit in the hammock for lotus, or hang upside down for inversion poses (so fun!).

My personal favourite was performing the corpse pose in the hammock. While the blissful recovery pose is always enjoyable, being cocooned in the stretchy hammock fabric, swinging back and forth gently made leaving the pose almost unbearable. I almost asked if I could stay and take a nap!

Besides YogaFly classes, Upside Motion also offers Yoga Reformer classes and Xtend Barre, a class which we found really challenging. Xtend Barre is an upbeat take on a Pilates class, incorporating a ballet barre, light weights, bands, and balls for pose diversity. The exercises in the class are always changing, causing a lot of muscle aching (in a good way).

Upside Motion’s studios are located at 100 Turf Club Road #01-02L/X in Bukit Timah and 36 Armenian Street #02-03 near City Hall. You can visit their website at to find out how to schedule a class.