Everyone loves attending events — we certainly do! But as we’ve learnt over the years, being the one organising it usually leads to more stress than bargained for. Now, we’re excited to announce something that’s been in the works, lovingly dubbed CN Experiences. Why are we creating very own events, you ask? So we can get to know you, our readers, much better.

Remember the Pokémon GO craze of 2016? We organised a Pokémon GO Bar Crawl in conjunction with Craft Beer Week to introduce our readers to the best beer spots in town.

Set to be a series of experiential events dedicated to the lifestyle industry, this come as a result of the seven years we’ve spent building connections with industry insiders and veterans of the scene. Were there a lot of frolicking around and drunken nights involved? Yes, but it’s all come to fruition!

The fun begins now as we partner with Distrii — a co-working office with inter-connected smart office technology — to organise monthly events for their members and the public from March through May. Start on 13 March with the Naked Nights community as we host a sharing session about Personal Transformation in conjunction with International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. The all-female lineup of storytellers will share their personal journeys and perspectives about embracing change, provoking the audience to look at things in a new way so that we may become the best versions of ourselves!

Our first ever cocktail workshop in 2015 saw us collaborating with Hopscotch Bar and Monkey Shoulder for a boozy whisky-based cocktails session.

It’s not all just talking either. Upcoming events to expect revolve around all facets of life, from wine and cocktail masterclasses to panel discussions, artist workshops, and even fitness bootcamps to, well, get that booty we always wanted. 2 May will see a collaboration with with social fitness platform BrocnBells.com to boost your endorphins in an exclusive bootcamp. Ambassador Dr Jesse Timm kicks off the evening with a sharing session about holistic wellness, and this is followed by an intensive 30-minute HIIT Buddy Workout and later, nutrient-rich sugar-free energy balls from SuperPop!


Always wanted to learn photography? Or how to create your own cheese and charcuterie board? The sky’s the limit. Come join us in creating a community that truly knows how to live.

Hosting with Distrii

Looking at hosting your own lavish event with Distrii? Boasting a generous 2,000 sq ft event hall to work with, you can easily organise everything from thought-provoking seminars to learning workshops and lavish receptions that fit up to 200. For smaller events, flexible meeting spaces start from as low as $60 an hour.

Distrii is the single largest co-working facility in Singapore, utilising smart office technology to inspire exciting exchanges and collaborations for your business. Find out more here.

**Top image by BrocnBells.com