We’re halfway into the year and your new year’s resolutions are probably long forgotten, but if it was to eat more healthily, you just might succeed with a little help from this list of 8 incredibly convenient healthy food delivery services. So don’t give up just yet and give these a try!


Grain delivers wholesome fresh food straight to your doorstep or office building. They do not compromise on flavour and their bestseller Grilled Farm Fresh Chicken ($11.95)  is a testament to that fact. Served with pesto on a bed of organic mixed grains, this dish is as much a feast for the eyes as for the taste buds. Their vegetarian rendition of Thunder Tea Rice ($9.95) is superb with the addition of a Hanjuku egg and tofu for added protein. Full flavour with a housemade matcha dressing and sunflower seeds and shimeji mushrooms for crunch, this dish is both delicious and nutritious. Look out for the dinner service launching next month!

Delivery timings: 11am – 2pm
Delivery fee: $2 to $5

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YOLO Food is keen to make healthy eating more relatable to the mass-market by introducing a meal plan that works with you. You decide your calorie intake for the day and YOLO provides recommended Daily Meal Combos (Lunch, Afternoon Snack and Dinner) that corresponds to it. Choose between signature dishes like Coconut Chicken ($11.90), Beef Cheek Wrap ($11.90) and Salmon Steak Salad ($14.90) or to Build Your Own (BYO) healthy meal where a Regular Meal ($12.90) includes 1 protein, 2 sides, 1 topping and 1 sauce.

Delivery timings: 11am – 9pm
Delivery fee: Varied

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Fitnessration has hired nutrition geeks to engineer a comprehensive Meal Series for all lifestyles. Taking care of diet strategy and ingredient management, all you gotta do is choose the meals. This is tougher than it looks with so many tasty options like Kimchi Chicken Thigh with Korean Sweet Potato Vermicelli, sCitrus & Chilli Fish with Roasted Pumpkins or Mixed Grilled Pollock Taco! Whats more, they deliver delectable breakfast options as well. Try the Handformed Chicken Sausage Shakshuka and Acai Pudding with Berries and Mango.

Bundle of 5 is priced at $54.50, Bundle of 10 is priced at $109 and a Bundle of 15 is priced at $156.

Delivery timings: 9am-1pm/ 2pm-5pm/ 6pm-9pm
Delivery fee: Dependent on the bundle

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Touted as a ‘food tech company that helps customers buy time and convenience’ AMGD is a godsend for meal preppers across the country. A menu with 7 categories that include Calorie Counter and All Superfood, you will be spoiled for healthy food choices on the occasional days that you can’t wake up at 5am to meal prep for the day. The catchy names of dishes like Love of My Life – red wild rice and teriyaki grilled salmon skewers or Shanghai Tang – skinless grilled chicken strips in a wholewheat tortilla wrap add a quirky touch.

AMGD Passes vary from $17 for 1 meal credit to $625 for 50 meal credits ($12.50 for a meal)

Delivery timings: 10.30am-1.30pm/4.30pm-7.30pm
Delivery fee: Free (upgrade to concierge service should you require specific delivery timings)

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Primal Meal Prep

Now something for those not just looking to eat healthily, but for an incredible level of control over their food intake. Bodybuilders rejoice with Primal Meal Prep! Use the Macro Calculator function to calculate the correct macros for the goals you want to achieve and use the macronutrient requirements (divided into carbs, proteins and fats) to customise your menu. With every ingredient accounted for and meticulously weighed, no guesswork is necessary.

Delivery timings: 10.00am-1.00pm/7pm-10pm
Delivery fee: $5.90 for each delivery for orders below $100.

Order online here.

Eat Healthy

Eat Healthy has set out to change the cultural perception that ‘healthy food is not affordable’. Working closely with a nutritionist, Eat Healthy does not push diet plans but rather adopts ‘an everything in moderation’ mindset. No MSG or preservatives, the food is delivered in state-of-the-art refrigerated trucks to guarantee freshness when it arrives at your doorstep. Healthy mains like Veggie Ball Arrabiata Linguine ($5.99) are available but the Healthy Soups are a winner with options like the Shrooms Special ($8.50), Baby Clam Chowder ($9.50) and Garden Broccoli ($8.50).

Day Delivery timings: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm Sat 10am-1pm

Evening Delivery timings: 5pm-9pm

Delivery fee: $10 for day delivery and $15 for evening delivery. $50 and above free delivery

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Spinacas is all about providing you with a fresh salad, hearty enough to last you through the workday. Not relying on carbs to fill you up, these salads have a generous amount of meat which is prepared in-house. Spinacas is a lifesaver for those of us who struggle to make decisions. All you gotta do is decide the size of salad and what meat you feel like having, and Spinacas will take care of the rest. Their most popular salads are the Moroccan Spiced Chicken ($11) and the BBQ Pulled Pork ($11). While supporting a high protein and low carb diet Spinacas does do Bento Boxes ($11) with brown rice if you need a carb fix.

Delivery timings: Mon-Fri 11-1pm and 5-6pm
Delivery fee: $2-$6

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Boxgreen is taking the guilt out of snacking. With over 15 categories to choose snacks from like Paleo, Baked Yums, Low Sugar and Source of Protein, find a tasty snack that suits your respective diet. They even have delicious treats under 120 calories like Pop’In Kopi – Coffee Popcorn and Sawadee Tom Yum Crunch – Puffed Rice in Red Curry Paste. Better still is the thorough breakdown of each snack into nutritional categories like Saturated Fat, Total Sugar and Sodium along with the Daily Value of vitamins the snack contains. Quick, get to healthy snacking today!

A box of 6 snacks is priced at $19.90.

Delivery timings: Mon-Fri 11-1pm and 5-6pm
Delivery fee: $3.90 and free delivery for orders $25 and above

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Top Image: Grain