While I love eating sinful food, there’s something brilliant about that guilt-free feeling of nurturing your fine self with wholesome, goodness in food form. That is precisely why since my first visit to Real Food a couple of weeks ago, I have been back…three times!

The concept at Real Food is simple: they prepare their food using the finest organic ingredients in the best possible way that locks in all the precious goodness. For me, Real Food is like going to a yoga retreat for your digestive system. But unlike a yoga retreat, at Real Food you get to derive all the benefits of this healthy goodness, without any of the hard work…because eating this food is anything but a chore because it’s so fresh and delicious.

Located at Killiney Road, just round the side of the Singtel building, the space is huge, light and airy which perfectly complements the we-are-doing-good-things-for-you-with-our-food vibe.

If all vegetarians, vegans, wheat/gluten-free-ans, sugar free-ans and everything else-ans have not discovered this much bigger sister of the original outlet in Central Mall then I bet my bottom dollar that as soon as you read this, you will be there faster than I can say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” But don’t worry, the space is big enough to welcome you all into into its nurturing embrace.

The menu at Real Food is pretty simple – think all day breakfasts, salads, soups, pastas and yes, even pizzas – all at quite reasonable prices…and super filling too!

The first visit started with the Stuffed Veggie ($12.80). Subtle in taste, the goodness that was emanating out of this organic capsicum stuffed with a homemade patty of beetroot, carrots, potatoes, herbs and millet with its side salad of greens, olives, tomatoes, radishes and avocado was pretty meteoric. No problem getting your five-a-day here then!

One of my favourites here is the Chickpea and Sweet Potato Cakes ($13.80), as well as all-good ingredients, the cumin, coriander and curry powder with which they are flavoured give these an almost Moroccan twist. Very nice indeed!

After making the grade on the first visit, I was then very curious to try the All Day BreakfastFeeling rather ravenous, I went for the Rise-n-Shine ($9.80), two sunny-side up eggs with mashed herbed potato served with sauteed wild mushrooms, salad and sourdough. A healthy fry up! Who could’ve thought that such a thing existed!? The trick with this one is to use the mash to mop up the egg.

My dining partner opted for the Tofu Burger , and was happily satisfied…

The juices here are also great – a wide variety of combinations, they are made using a slow speed vegetable extractor, meaning that you get to keep the fragile nutrients and fibers that are so often lost in the juicing process. My favourite is the Broccoli Apple ($6.80).

I have to add in an aside here though, on our third visit we dallied in some of the pastas, soups and noodle dishes. Honestly, I would say that these play second fiddle to the salad-type dishes because somehow they were just a bit on the bland side for our liking..though thankfully a good dose of chili helped us make good on these. However, never judge because as we know very well at City Nomads, restaurants have their good and their off days.

Having said that though, I rather love Real Food because for me, it’s like immersing yourself in a bath of well-being…you enjoy being it, feel damn good…and and pretty “holier than thou” on leaving. Which in my book scores you some points for other naughtiness later in the day!

Written by Ms Demeanour