Remember when Justin was still part of Nsync? How about when Kurt Cobain was belting out rage-filled Grunge numbers? And need we remind ourselves of the time when internet connections had to be dialled up?! Yep, that’s right. Welcome to the 90’s, where a multiplicity of quirky personalities, outrageous trends, and superb music made up a good portion of human history’s pop culture. Bringing that same groove and jive back to the 21st century is FRESH!, a spunky new cocktail bar perched on the second level of The Sultan Hotel.

Interior of FRESH! Singapore Jalan Sultan Hotel

Interior of FRESH! Singapore

FRESH! revisits the fun of the 90’s by blasting hit songs from the era (Britney and Christina, anyone?) and emblazoning graffiti icons like Ultraman, Mario, and the Big Splash on its colonial interiors.

Scorpion Bowl at FRESH! Singapore Jalan Sultan Hotel

Scorpion Bowl at FRESH! Singapore


Conceptualised by industry veteran Shawn Kishore, FRESH!’s cocktail list revolves around a hodgepodge of inventive concoctions and reinterpreted versions of crowd favourites. For example, the Xin Jia Po Sling is a refreshing (and more than welcome) take of the famed Singapore Sling cocktail with the addition of another local drink icon, Tiger beer. The Kopi Negroni  also spoke volumes of the bartending team’s readiness to add a dose of local soul to classic cocktails such as the Negroni, by infusing the vintage concoction with a blast of potent coffee.

Wing Chun Cup at FRESH! Singapore Jalan Sultan Hotel

Wing Chun Cup at FRESH! Singapore


The Lychee Martini is another creative reincarnation of a textbook cocktail, where a rock-hard dehydrated lychee sits atop a swirling brew of flavourful liquid. Not wanting to leave out beer geeks, FRESH! has a specially curated list of hard-to-find beers in its alcoholic armoury, such as Tenant from Scotland; a full-bodied ale that is cultivated in barrels, and the lager Moritz; a clean-tasting beer from Barcelona. Wine connoisseurs will also be able to enjoy tipples of fuss-free wine labels, whereas spirit enthusiasts can indulge in a range of premium liquors, including original blends of rum and gin.

FRESH Bar Singapore Review - Outdoor Space at FRESH! Singapore

Outdoor Space at FRESH! Singapore

With a smashing drinks selection and somewhat cheesy playlist from the 90’s, FRESH! has impressively injected a sense of liveliness and humour in an industry where things are taken too seriously at times. KTV nights are proof that these lads are out to have fun, and the lovely rooftop space is reason enough to drop in for a visit. Just remember to Macarena on the way out!

FRESH! is located at 101 Jalan Sultan, The Sultan, #02-01, Singapore 199002, p. 8828 7084. Open Mon-Wed 7pm-12am. Thurs-Sat 7pm-2am. Closed Sun. 

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