Western Cuisine

Like a bit of Italian? How about some classic French cooking for your dinner? Singapore shows up some of the best in Western cuisine, from American buffalo wings to posh tapas from Spain.

Logic tells us that when the British colonised Singapore, they introduced to us certain customs and traditions, including their style of food.

This led to a blend between East and West, with Hainanese-English food an example of a popular style of food during colonial times.

Now, Western cuisine has fully permeated the fabric of our society, with globalisation leading to an influx of other European types of food such as Spanish tapas, Italian pasta and French gastronomy.

For instance, if you head to the CBD you will find The Black Swan, a classy restaurant that whips up comforting and familiar range of generic European food. Celebrity Chef Wolfgang Puck has also brought his unique brand of American fine dining to Singapore, while Julien Royer’s Odette transports you to the pinnacle of French Haute cuisine.

But there has been a charge of unfamiliar cuisines of late.

Latin American food is fast becoming an understated trend, with Brazilian and Mexican becoming favourites amongst discerning diners.

Fusion restaurants that serve mainly Western food with Asian influences are also growing in recognition, providing new and exciting flavours that differ from the norm.

Whatever the case is, you know that there’ll never be a shortage of awesome Western food in Singapore!