Vegetarian Friendly

Are you a vegetarian or vegan and find it difficult to find food? Not to worry. There many restaurants and eateries in Singapore that’ll solve that problem.

In the past, vegetarian-friendly meals weren’t exactly the most ‘friendly’ to find in Singapore, with most vegetarian outlets consisting of Buddhist eateries and South Indian cafeterias in Little India.

Thankfully, that isn’t so much the case today. With more people now caring about what they consume, there has been a small (but growing) surge of vegetarian establishments in Singapore.

One such place is Veganburg. Labelled as Singapore’s first vegetarian fast food restaurant, Veganburg has revolutionised the way consumers see vegetarian food, even making their dishes palatable to those who don’t quite fancy eating veggies!

Also, this demand for more vegetarian food options in Singapore has been answered by a myriad of restaurants that are defined by various influences

Vegetarians who love Mediterranean food will enjoy the innovative creations of Original Sin, places like Joie by Dozo and Pollen are great options for a fine dining meal, whilst those looking for traditional flavours with contemporary twists can find it at Punjab Grill.

Add to this list the introduction of the vegetarian (not vegan) food festival Gourmet Greens, and things are already starting to look up for vegetarians who find it tough to find a meal in Singapore.

That being said, we hope that the proliferation and expansion of vegetarian restaurants continue for a long time to come!