Fine Dining

In recent years, Singapore’s fine dining scene has grown from strength to strength, attracting the finest culinary maestros from across the globe.

The introduction of these international kitchen whizzes have seen service levels being spruced up, mundane decors beautified and most importantly, the elevation of simple ingredients to exquisite gastronomic delights.

Celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsey, David Thompson and Wolfgang Puck have opened up chains of their famed restaurant brands at Marina Bay Sands, whilst hot talents like Tetsuya Wakuda, André Chiang and Julien Royer continue to impress the refined palates of discerning diners.

But if there ever was a need for further evidence of Singapore’s prowess in gastronomy, it has come in the form of the Michelin Guide’s arrival in the lion city, with the undisputed authority on food looking to stamp its approval upon a number of highly qualified restaurants.

As for the future, Singapore’s fine dining scene seems to be in good stead.

The mingling of foreign and local chefs have not only resulted in the two parties ubbing off on each others styles, it has created an entirely new dimension of flavours and tastes for these culinary geniuses to explore, and for food enthusiasts to experience.

The golden era of fine dining has really arrived in Singapore.