Eastern Cuisine

From Korean BBQs to Japanese Restaurants, here’s a City Nomads guide to the best Asian food in Singapore.

With Asia the most populous continent on earth, there is no doubt that there is a gargantuan variety of distinct cuisines to be had.

Located right smack in the heart of South East Asia, and being a place with a multi-cultural population, Singapore is undoubtedly home to a diverse range of excellent Eastern cuisine.

Whether you’re seeking the ultimate char kway teow experience or craving for some awesome ramen, Singapore is packed to the brim with all kinds of places that specialise in dishing out spectacular Asian food.

Being stubborn and proud, we refuse to lay waste the brilliant recipes our forefathers have introduced to us through the years, reproducing what they originally came up with by building coffee shops and hawker centres across the city.

Also, as a matter of convenience, our small size as a country helps immensely when it comes to finding good Asian food, with Chinese, Malay and Indian stalls easily accessible wherever you go (we wish this were the same for Peranakan and Eurasian food!).

Lastly, if you combine the numerous Korean, Thai and Japanese restaurants along with underground and hard-to-find Burmese, Viet and Filipino stalls, you’re left with a delicious cesspit of sweet, salty and spicy flavours that is unique to this region of the world.