It’s the Mid-Autumn season and we all know that you have been popping some of those sneaky calorie bombs we know as mooncakes. Get out, get fit, but do away with your conventional gym memberships and trade it for a myriad of fitness options – there’s bound to be something you’re excited to try or to look forward to again. With straightforward and user-friendly applications, your next exercise sesh is just a touch on your smartphone away! And here’s our analysis of the three main contenders in Singapore: ClassPass, GuavaPass, and KFit.


Make the most out your fitness membership with ClassPass’s global credit system which enables to purchase dynamically-priced classes of your choice. Effectively, you may choose to go for more classes each month by booking lower credit classes or select your favourite workout experiences at higher credits.

Partners and classes: Currently available throughout America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and Singapore. ClassPass’s travel feature allows you to book classes and stay active at your nearest ClassPass studio or gym partner.

Includes: WeBarre, Freedom Yoga, Has Athletics, Ground Zero, Anthem, Hatha Yoga
Booking and cancellation policies: Late cancellation fee (within 12 hours before the class begins) is standardised at $15 and no-show fee is $20.
Price: $100 includes 200 credits to book 15 – 20 classes. Classes cost an average of 7 credits. Pause your account for up to 3 months with no costs incurred.
Other policies: Switch up or cancel your membership at any point as long as it is before your next billing cycle.
App: Able to search by studio, location, ratings, and keywords. Comes with in-class workout videos to pump you up before your next work-out session. It is also equipped with member reviews and ratings for you to figure out the general satisfaction level of studios of your choice.
Discount: 1 week free trial of 50 credits when you sign up.


Working out is essential but what about other components of healthy living? In addition to achieving your radiating post-workout glow with Guavapass classes, there’s GuavaPerks which partners up with food, clothing, spa, and other joints to give you a well-rounded healthy life. And don’t get us started on their selection of hotel gyms! Enjoy a lavish workout sesh whether you’re here or in 11 other cities.

Partners and classes: Currently available in the 12 major cities of Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Bangkok, Beijing, Dubai, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Mumbai, Shanghai, and Singapore.

Includes: Barre Lab, Spac2B, Yoga Mala, Aqua Spin, Singapore Calisthenics Academy, HIIT-BOX, PARKROYAL Wellness Floor Studio

Booking and cancellation policies: Each member can take up to 3 classes per studio for the unlimited monthly membership package. Late cancellation fee (within 12 hours before the class begins) is $5 or otherwise stated in your class booking page. No-show fee of $8 or otherwise stated in your class booking page.

Price: $169 per month for unlimited classes.

Other policies: Cancel anytime before the start of the next billing cycle. Includes the pause feature where you can pause your subscription at any time for a fee of $5.

App: Includes in-depth information about each class, including what to bring and available amenities. Able to search by studio, location, ratings, and keywords. Newly introduced buddy system enables users to connect with friends and keep track of the classes they’ve signed up for.


The first thing you notice about KFit’s website is its striking resemblance to Groupon. Hence, it comes to no surprise that KFit was started by the founder of Groupon Malaysia along with two other co-founders. Unlike GuavaPass and ClassPass, membership for KFit is limited to one city.

Partners and classes: Largest network in Singapore with 570 partners and at least 2,000 classes and activities available every week.

Includes: Anahata Yoga, The Yoga Collective, Singapore Tennis School, Impact MMA, Wavehouse @ Sentosa

Booking and cancellation policies: Most of the classes can be booked an hour before it starts. You may also reserve a class up to one week in advance if you prefer scheduling your classes ahead. Late cancellation fee and no-show fee is standardised at $15. The late cancellation window varies from class to class.

Price: $129 per month for 10 classes. The free Basic Plan gives access to one class a month.

Other policies: Requires writing in 7 working days before the next monthly cycle to be downgraded to the Basic Plan. Certain studios only allow limited visits per month when on subscription.

App: Able to search for studios by location, ratings, trending. Comes with information on the studio along with user reviews (really useful) and links to the studio’s social media platforms.

Discount: S$3 off your first month when you use this discount code.


Ultimately, which you should go for depends on your lifestyle. ClassPass’s credit based system is attractive and user-friendly, and  there’s an increase in credit cost at the same studio after your third visit (though it doesn’t prohibit you from visiting the same studio). We also like the ability to hit on the pause button on the account, if we ever wanted to do long-haul travel.

On the other hand, GuavaPass is excellent for those travelling frequently, with its unlimited access to a range of studios and gyms. However, it might not be the best value for money if you’re stuck in Singapore and there’s a cap of three classes per studio in its unlimited monthly membership package. Lastly, KFit has a significantly lower price point with a wide range of partners, but visits to your preferred studios are limited.

Top Image: KFIT

Disclaimer: Information about the apps are accurate at the time of writing, but may change as the apps upgrade.