As much as our job involves wining and dining, there are days we need to hunker down and get some real work done. This usually means some sort of take-out we can eat at our desks…which probably sounds familiar. Or maybe you got off work late and you’re in a rush to catch the movie you’ve already gotten tickets for.

No matter the situation, we figured a list of quick eats might come in handy for you guys, so here’s our top 10 quick meal fixes:

The International


Probably the epitome of quick cuisine, we’re sure you know how this portable, hand-held meal was said to be invented; the good thing about sandwiches is its wide availability. Whether it’s from a bakery, a fancier version from your favourite café, or something you put together, your stomach will be satisfied.


A comfort food, no-brainer sort of meal, we find that most sushi chains and supermarkets do vinegared rice okay. In fact, there’s no better way to end our busy day then picking up heavily discounted, but still-fresh sushi for a trouble-free dinner at home.


The Mexican quick fixie makes our list because everything – guacamole, meat, sour cream, rice, cheese, and beans – goes so well together. This is for the days you need some lil’ extra to cheer you up.


Salad and Diet Coke – sounds like a cliché diet of a runway model, no? It doesn’t have to be though. Salads do mean lots of greens yes, but go for those with a side of lean protein like chicken breast and skip the heavy dressing. Plus, it won’t land you in a food coma!


We’ve never met anyone who says no to pizza (and soda). With a sudden proliferation of pizza joints that sells pie by the slice, it’s now easier to get your doughy, cheesy treat. Life will be good again.

The Local

Curry Puff

How can we not include the quintessential Singaporean snack? Whether you prefer the crispy or flaky crust, both are good on the go – just remember to brush off those crumbs before you head to your meeting or date.

Nasi Lemak

Hands up if you ever had one of those cheap, convenient nasi lemak packed in a leaf! Yeah, we thought so. The enclosed coconut rice, sambal chili, anchovies, a smallish, sometimes shriveled fish, and the occasional strip of omelet, is a simple pleasure.

Chwee Kueh

This daytime item is a little hard to find, since not every hawker centre has it. For the uninitiated, chwee kueh is a type of steamed rice cake topped with diced preserved radish and served with chili on the side. Sounds overly simple, we know, but it’s an amazing combination of salty and spicy (cool down with Coke if you can’t take the heat!).


Similar to the burrito, the Singaporean popiah honestly doesn’t get enough love in the local food scene. A mishmash of stewed turnips, hardboiled eggs, bean sprouts, tofu, sweet sauce, and more, it’s definitely more popular with the weight-watching crowd than its distant Mexican cousin.


One thing we love about bao is that it’s so versatile. From the usual char siew to vegetarian baos, and even red bean bao if you just want something sweet, we can have these portable forms of food fuel any time of the day, ’nuff said.

We hope this helps with your daily food woes.

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Top Image: Skinny Salads

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