Urban fashion and streetwear online shop, PASAR has been on our radar for awhile now. Featuring labels such as Nemis, Eighty6, Bleach, LMT, and Usual Suspect, we chat with PASAR’s boss man Simen Platou on his favourites and the future plans.

Hi Simen! You’ve been living in Asia for almost 5 years, what kept you here? 

When I first came to Asia, I never intended to live here. I quickly fell in love with the different cultures, the food, the people, the climate, the differences. Asia seems to be where things are happening these days, and since it’s so easy to get around, you can experience all the different cultural movements.

City Nomads Eye Candy: Simen Platou in Nemis Logo Bomber Jacket White

Simen Platou in Nemis Logo Bomber Jacket White

Fashion photographer, model, boss man of PASAR and a few other labels such as Nemis, Usual Suspect and Eighty6 Sunglasses – which role is your favourite?

It’s hard to choose, as I love the synchronicity between them all – everything is based on visual expression, especially in these Instagram days, whether it is photography, design, marketing or sales. PASAR FASHION is pretty much the mothership of everything, so I couldn’t do any of the things I do if wasn’t for PASAR.

Tell us more about PASAR.

When I was first running Nemis Clothing, I wanted to create a platform to sell Nemis together with other designers that I liked and looked up to. The idea was that if we can all share our message in one place, the synergy would benefit all of us. So, together with some of my favorite designers, we launched PASAR FASHION ONLINE in 2013. Almost 3 years later, PASAR has become an authority in street fashion, with customers from all over the world.

City Nomads Eye Candy: Simen Platou in Nemis Maroon Geo Jacket

Simen Platou in Nemis’ Maroon Geo Jacket

Where are most of the designers on PASAR based?

All the PASAR designers have some kind of bond to Asia. Many of them are based in Bali or other places, often combined with offices overseas.

Any plans on having a physical store or stocking anywhere in particular?

I strongly believe in ecommerce as the future, so I have no desire at the moment to open a physical store anywhere.

City Nomads Eye Candy: Simen Platou in Bleach Oversized Two Sides Tee and Nemis Logo Bomber Jacket White

Simen Platou in Bleach Oversized Two Sides Tee and Nemis Logo Bomber Jacket White

What’s your typical day like?

I wake up when I wake up (I HATE alarm clocks). The first thing I do, sadly, is to check my phone. Running 4 different instagrams takes its toll, so I got to stay on top of things. I work from home, so I get started while I eat breakfast. I usually go for a workout before lunch, and then continue a bit later. When I feel like I’m done, or I’ve lost focus, I shut down for the day. Then I’ll either go for another workout, or head to the beach for some drinks.

Other than fashion and design, what else do you dig? 

I’m very active training muay thai and boxing, so I do that whenever I have time. In the weekends I go clubbing. Despite Asia lagging a bit in the electronic music scene, there are interesting things happening these days. The music scene is Bali is getting really cool, and things are definitely happening in Singapore as well.

City Nomads Eye Candy: Simen Platou in Nemis

Simen Platou in Nemis Blue Geo Jacket and White Geo Tank

Any shouts?

You deff have to follow all my instagrams :p @splatou, @nemisclothing, @pasarpasar, @eighty6sunnies.

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