Making its way onto our fashion radar is Bali label, Lilla Lane (try saying that three times quickly!), a brand that fuses the intricacies of Balinese culture with a modern bohemian vibe. With its first outlet nestled in Cluny Court, we chat with passionate brand manager Jade Amar about what makes Lilla Lane special as well as her recent move into Singapore.

Lilla Lane boutique at Cluny Court

Lilla Lane boutique at Cluny Court

Hi Jade! Could you tell us a little more about Lilla Lane?

Lilla Lane is a fashion brand based in Bali that makes beautiful bags and shoes with authentic materials… but it’s not only about fashion. It’s about the creative process behind each piece and a real appreciation of Indonesian craftsmanship.

Thora Moss, the designer, is from The Hampton, New York, but she’s traveled most of her life and has been influenced by the many places she’s visited. It naturally reflects on the design and gives an elegant bohemian style that suits women from 15 to 70 years old!

Do you have a favourite collection from Lilla Lane? Are there any items from Lilla Lane you think are absolute ‘must-haves?’

Definitely! Even though I love everything we have in store, my heart belongs to the luxurious Sayang (meaning ‘darling’ in Bahasa) collection, which features intricate leatherwork and the Songket bags made with traditional hand weaved textile from the north of Bali.

Brand Manager, Jade Amar

Brand Manager, Jade Amar

I also adore the Shiva collection that was inspired by brass bracelets found in India that was applied as ornaments on the bags and shoes. But of course, you would have to make a trip to the store to judge for yourself.

What do you think makes Lilla Lane stand out as a brand in Singapore?

It’s not a secret that Singapore is a very expensive place to rent a store and it’s a lot easier for big brands to survive. It affects the fashion landscape and you find a lot of the same things everywhere. It’s either luxury labels or mass produced goods of poor quality. Lilla Lane is going against that notion; our pieces are handmade using authentic materials and are priced affordably.

Unique design aside, we also have a few pieces made of traditional textile that are absolutely one of a kind. So, when you buy these bags you can make sure that nothing is identical. Plus, we can custom make on special request.

Personally, that’s the ultimate: having a piece of clothing or a bag that no one else has. I personally have one of the Songkek bags!

Bohemian designed bags at Lilla Lane

Why is working for Thora Moss at Lilla Lane special?

I met Thora in 2000 when I first visited Bali, around the time she started Lilla Lane, I know she had to overcome many obstacles and it amazes me how she managed to be where she is with such a prominent brand in Bali while maintaining her calm and kindness. I loved the idea of working for someone like her – so I jumped on board when she offered me a job to work for Lilla Lane in Singapore!

You’ve moved from Bali to Singapore recently to help out with establishing Lilla Lane here. What were you doing in Bali and how does Singapore compare to Bali so far?

In Bali, I had a modeling agency and I was constantly booking models and producing shoots. It was great and I met so many amazing people while I was there but I felt the need to explore different directions and get out of my comfort zone. Managing Lilla Lane was the perfect opportunity.

Jade Amar

My only fears were that that Singapore would be too corporate for me, and that I would feel oppressed being in a city again, with big building and concrete everywhere. Luckily Singapore is one of the greenest city I have ever seen, and even luckier to have found like-minded people, so it’s been a good transition. I’m also happy to see that there are more young people going into the artistic career over banking and finance. And the music scene is improving constantly. So Singapore is promising.

My new favorite hobby is discovering the local hawkers and trying everything they have to offer – the food is so good here! As cliched as it sounds, I’m a huge fan of chicken rice, and it’s the first thing I eat everytime I land in Singapore. I’m also really fond of Pepper Crab, Hong Kong styled congee and the sting ray from Newton Circus.

That’s good to hear! Now that Lilla Lane has made its mark in Singapore, what plans does the brand have for the near future?

We’re planning to expand. It’s New York City next for us, since Thora hails from the Hamptons it makes sense to open there. We’re thinking Soho!

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